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Leading question

Fri 2009-Jun-5 @ +08 09:07:54 am

WAS it something I said? Lots of people came by on Tuesday-Wednesday. Beats me why. There was that funny ha-ha comment about RPK, the other posts being about foreign reports.

Did people come to goggle at “Mystery Leader Writer gets whacked”?
Just being made fun of, really. And it really was funny, what RPK did. He’s a clever man.

And the Leader Writer is also a clever man as I pointed out in Gentleman’s Moving Feast. Alas, not many people read that piece. And I had thought I was funny, silly me.

No mystery as to who the regular leader writers are at the NST. Mr Deen carries on competently and professionally most days, supplemented by Rehman, Grand Poobah and Master of the Known Universe and Beyond and like so totally loved and like so dying-to-be-noticed. Sometimes Kamrul writes, too.

I only write this stuff. Too bad.


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