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After the layoff

Mon 2009-Jun-8 @ +08 13:27:47 pm

“Every eye in the newsroom followed me as I left Kramer’s office and walked back to my pod. The long looks made it a long walk. The pink slips always came out on Fridays and they all knew I had just gotten the word. Except they weren’t called pink slips anymore. Now it was an RIF form — as in Reduction in Force.”

Jack McEvoy, L.A. Times scribe, has just joined the ranks of independent contractors and consultants formerly known as reporters. But he’s soon to dig up the biggest story of his life.

That’s the basis of The Scarecrow, a new novel by former journo Michael Connolly.

In an interview with the Nieman Foundation journalism lab at Harvard, Connolly said:

Google doesn’t kill newspapers. People kill newspapers.

Read the interview at: After newsroom layoff: It’s a mystery » Nieman Journalism Lab.


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