Looks like, sounds like, but isn’t

A look-alike media site has sprung up this week. Hartal MSM is by Haris Ibrahim and presumably his media friends. Haris is a legal eagle who’s been blogging since 2007 as The People’s Parliament and has also represented Rocky in his travails.

Hartal MSM is also at WordPress. They’ve also chosen to use the same site design from the WordPress gallery. Hmm. He also sometimes goes Hmm. Well, it’s still a free world out there even if my little ever-shrinking corner of it in here isn’t and has never been so.

He’s logged 6,000 11,000 plus hits in the past week ripping into the Kosmo affair.

* Prodded by a private correspondent. Good work: hope they find receptive minds.


2 thoughts on “Looks like, sounds like, but isn’t

  1. Thanks for the peeks into your corner. The very respected Adibah Amin once told a group of reporters that response of any kind, from even one person, good or “unfavourable” — means you are read.

    • Building a massive readership, or leading an insurrection, was hardly on my mind when I began this blog by telling about a dozen other old fogies. As to what the others read, that is often quite a massive problem.

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