Niamah! Whacked again

Aiyah why liddat one?Caption writing, headline writing, subbing and proofreading all got whacked in Patrick Teoh’s blast at the Daily Red for a few silly boo-boos.

Niamah doesn’t like the feel-good propagandistic-stuff everyone has to shove down the throat of readers, viewers and listeners every August.

Who does?

Believe or not, Patrick, stuff like this gets into print or on air sometimes accompanied with a (shhh! don’t say) half-muttered Arghh, summo bladdy boolsheet ah.

He’s right to sound off about the rotten grammar. Somebody in the newsroom will have done that too. But there’s nothing wrong with the Daily Red’s headline.

It’s just that Niamah doesn’t like that kind of stuff — but look at it as earning brownie points with a suitably gung-ho show of patriotism. It helps to keep the licence alive and fend off any future show-cause letters because, like, see see you people are a bunch of disloyal unpatriotic subversive elements, see see you didn’t print enough of all that Jalur Gemilang stuff and why should we let you work in the press and why should we allow your press to keep going?

As much as Patrick and others have a right to be disgusted at the copious amounts of “patriotic” pap being shovelled at the population, he should take this up with the real culprits.

Who’s responsible? The Information Ministry, the Home Ministry, the Prime Minister’s Department, Bukit Aman’s media monitors, party cadres and apparatchiks and the far-right fanatics — who expect to see this kind of stuff being carried, and prominently. Or else.

What would Patrick say to those who provide the bright, chirpy voiceovers for “Show your love for your country. Fly the Jalur Gemilang. Happy Birthday Malaysia!” Arggh!

Browbeating the labourer for the sins of his many masters — and the sins of a rotten system — isn’t fair. Neither is sneering at all journos with his sweeping headline. Ngkow chor ah

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4 thoughts on “Niamah! Whacked again

    • I couldn’t get into the site also for a couple of hours, or any other local blog on; maybe they were down for maintenance. Seems to be up now.

  1. Ha ha..”Or else” is right.

    I remember those days of travelling across the State looking for creative expression of patriotism. Seeing less of these nowadays.

    We are SO jaded now, eh.

    Patriotism by flag waving: so the cliche.

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