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How to access Malaysia Today by proxy to beat the block

Sun 2009-Sep-20 @ +08 19:35:33 pm

update: 2010-07-25 20:50UTC+08

There are several links placed on the right-hand sidebar, in the section “Net tools”, that point out several ways of using proxies to get around censorship filters. Note: proxies do not work if the site you want to visit is under attack by d-dos (denial of service). Proxies are useful when you need to be anonymous, by hiding the IP (Internet address) you get when you connect to Steamyx, TM Net, Jaring, Celcom, Maxis, etc. You must also learn to turn off Javascript and Java. Using proxies usually results in slower browsing, depending on the proxy server. Stay safe.

Original posting: 2009-09-20

Here are some ways to get around the block on Malaysia Today via anonymous proxy server. Bookmark and use in case of difficulty as the authorities seemed to have put blocks in place. These links worked after 18:00MYT Sunday, some worked only intermittently at best before 6pm. You might have better luck, depending on your ISP.

Set up your browser to use a proxy server (27 September 2009)

Other ways to access Malaysia Today (27 September 2009)

Malaysia Today by online proxy server
The first line is a “live” short link to each anonymous proxy, the second line is the full URL

» Malaysia Today via Zend

» Malaysia Today via FreeAnonymizer UK

» Malaysia Today via

» Malaysia Today via [no short link]

These are the links to the secret Cabinet papers
The first line is a “live” short link, the second line is the full URL

RPK’s Cabinet secret papers I — four-page memorandum from the Finance Minister

» What the public was not told

RPK’s Cabinet secret II — 18-page memorandum from the Finance Minister

» What the Cabinet hid from the public

» Chinese translation

» Four-page Chan Kong Choy memo

RPK’s answer to Lim Kit Siang

Chinese translation

Cabinet secrets I mirror: » Warga Marhaen
Cabinet secrets II mirror: » National Express Malaysia


  1. Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 02:41:15 am 02:41

    Xie xie ni! 🙂

  2. William permalink
    Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 03:45:42 am 03:45

    here’s an alternative way to unblock the malaysiatoday website without using http proxy servers: change the DNS servers in computer (in the Internet protocol TCP/IP properties) to and

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 04:14:41 am 04:14

      Yes, thanks. Those are the DNS servers at OpenDNS that anyone could use on your own PC or your broadband router. The http proxies might be useful for those not on their own machines or those wary of fiddling with network properties.

    • Singam permalink
      Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 08:37:21 am 08:37

      I have been using OpenDNS for some time now. That did not protect my access when the server was effectively blocked by DoS attack.

      I read that MT was migrating to another ISP with better DoS protection. Anyone know anything about this?

    • melayu subsidi permalink
      Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 09:31:13 am 09:31

      by changing the DNS not only MT is unblocked but other website like ‘faithfreedom’ which was blocked by the gov some months ago can open too. thank you!!

  3. borneorainbow permalink
    Mon 2009-Sep-21 @ +08 08:34:51 am 08:34

    Thank you, go marching on!

  4. coredump permalink
    Tue 2009-Sep-29 @ +08 01:59:57 am 01:59

    Use Web Proxy:


    Then, put URL of Malaysia Today


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