1Najib and the agents of change


I need you on this journey to communicate
to the nation, and educate the people to
embrace and adopt change, not to fear it

the prime minister at the National Press Club awards night March 20, quoted in The Star

Funny he should say that.

The journey of change

I would like you to be my partner
in my journey to transform the country.

the prime minister at the press club awards

Funny he should say that.

The journey continues

Some thought that 2008 marked the end of the struggle. They were wrong. Our struggle continues, and it will not be over even on the day we take control of Putrajaya. The struggle to empower Malaysians, to return justice and liberty to our land will continue. It must continue as long as there are Malaysians who suffer or despair.
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, state assemblyman for Seri Setia
» The journey continues / Malaysian Insider

I believe that if we are at peace with ourselves today, it is because the Malaysian media has tempered its coverage of sensitive issues with a huge dose of social responsibility Najib Tun Razak quoted at Malaysia Today

Funny he should say that.

The prince and the press

The prince and the press

..repeal the Printing Presses Act, the Universities and Colleges Act, the ISA and the OSA. These repressive laws only serve to create a climate of timidity and fear which is the opposite of the flourishing of talent and ideas that we say we want

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah No Cowardly Past / razaleigh.com

The press needs to report on the government just as the government needs the press to communicate its message effectively… Because of the high level of sugar consumption, the story must be skewed to inform the public. Najib Razak quoted at http://najib-abdul-razak.blogspot.com/

Funny he should say that.

The media curse of the political owner

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  1. Najib is talking to himself. What change? What freedom?

    Archaic repressive laws and concentration of media ownership ensures our msm reproduces the BN regime, and reinforces the feudal political culture. The media’s role has been reduced to informing, ‘educating’ and ‘entertaining’

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