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Perkasa insults the intelligence of Malays

Sat 2010-Sep-4 @ +08 05:08:11 am

It’s mind boggling. Perkasa, the Malay Rights lobby, is insulting the intelligence of Malay people, the very people whom they seek to champion. And in the wake of Nurul Izzah’s article on rights and privileges, Shahrizat Jalil of Wanita Umno also put her foot in her mouth.

Stick to the facts and stick to the truth, the prime minister has urged the mass media. (See Umno leaders must also stick to facts.) But Umno politicians and their flunkies didn’t seem to have got the message.

Idiots in high places, No. 3

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (Umno)

Armand Azhar Abu Hanifah (Perkasa)

Zambry Mohd Isa (Federation of Malay Students’ Union)

  • Shahrizat said there was no necessity for Nurul Izzah to give a new interpretation on the rights of the Malays…”If there are attempts to challenge the existing constitution, the risk that comes with it is too great.” Bernama

That’s idiot talk. What challenge to the existing constitution? What new interpretation on the rights of the Malays? Stick to the facts, Shahrizat. The fact is Nurul Izzah stated the exact words of Article 153 of the Constitution. Here it is again just to make sure:

It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article. Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia. (Emphasis mine)

There are 10 parts to Article 153. Nowhere does it say special rights of the Malay people. That is a fact. That is not interpretation.

The Reid Commission called for the 1957 Constitution to place a 15-year limit on that provision. It was removed in 1971 (like a lot of other safeguards that Umno politicians found inconvenient for maintaining their hegemony, like a constitutional safeguard of only 15% difference in the size of constituencies, also removed).

The 15-year limit is a fact, not interpretation.

Have Shahrizat, Ibrahim Ali and the other members of the goon squad actually read the Constitution? You can find it all over the Internet. (But you won’t find it at the Attorney-General’s web site under laws of Malaysia.)

  • Armand Azhar Abu Hanifah: “It (Article 153) is not supposed to be discussed outside of Parliament.” Armand advised Nurul Izzah to consult her senior colleagues on what issues should be discussed “before opening her mouth”. Perhaps she is not well-versed or is politically immature regarding Article 153,” he said.
  • Zambry Mohd Isa had warned the MP not to question the Article.
    Quoted by Free Malaysia Today.

That’s idiotic talk. And where is it laid down that Article 153 cannot be discussed outside Parliament? Has Armand Azhar actually read the Constitution? Or is he trying to make up a new law known only to himself?

Has he actually read Nurul Izzah’s article (in English or Malay)? How does he say she’s not well-versed in the matter? Is he well-versed in it, or has he swallowed wholesale the propaganda that Biro Tata Negara pumps out? And who is Zambry to issue any warning to an MP properly doing her job?

  • Perkasa Wirawati chief Zaira Jaafar: “As an MP, she should not say such things,” she said, adding that Nurul was not acting like a Malay.
    Free Malaysia Today

More idiotic talk.

What is an MP supposed to talk about, if not important matters of policy crucial to the future of the country? That is why we elect MPs — to discuss and debate public policy, intelligently, rationally, and calmly.

Does Zaira Jaafar know what an MP’s role is? Does she understand why we have a Parliament? Maybe she is only used to MPs making noises and rude remarks and rude gestures, like Bung Mokhar the well-known expert in body language. Or Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, famous for unwise cracks and waving of arms.

And as for not acting like a Malay….goodness, how is a Malay supposed to act? Like Bung Mokhtar or Hishammuddin or Ibrahim Ali?

Nurul Izzah’s article is thoughtful, analytical, reasoned and intelligent. Isn’t that what any Malaysian MP should be? Or, you mean, Perkasa women don’t like Malays to be intelligent? You mean, Perkasa women prefer to see Malay people behaving stupidly?

Good grief.

Amended 7 Sept to clarify 15-year limit

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