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No peace for the dead in Penang?

Mon 2010-Sep-13 @ +08 19:12:15 pm

George Town’s largest Christian cemetery, the Western Road cemetery, has come under the dubious notice of the city council, causing concern among relatives of those buried there. For one thing, the council has given notice of possible “other uses” for the land. For another, relatives have to provide extensive details of their rights to the burial plots.

No peace for the dead, it seems.

A notice to scare the deadA report in The Sun quotes a councillor as saying it’s just to register everyone concerned and to ensure better management of the cemetery. However, a Penang resident wrote a letter to the paper Can MPPP seize old burial plots? expressing fears that the council could seize the land.

Social activist and blogger Anil Netto spoke to a few people and got reassurances that nothing sinister was involved, just a means to ensure good management and make improvements.

Among the distinguished residents at Western Road are 84 Russian soldiers who died when their ship was sunk in Penang during the First World War, as well as war dead of Commonwealth forces.

Who will speak for their rights?

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  1. gunse007 permalink
    Mon 2010-Sep-13 @ +08 19:32:39 pm 19:32

    When you are , you remain dead.

    Just cremate and throw the ashes into sea. Dont burden mother earth by asking 6 feet plot for eternity.

  2. percolator permalink
    Tue 2010-Sep-14 @ +08 01:50:55 am 01:50

    Oy, it isn’t simply a matter of disposing the dead the way we do animal carrions.

    Cemeteries are places of human experience which assume meanings and evoke emotions. They are sites of identity,culture, history and memory.

    As with funerals, how we let go of the human departed, has everything to do with the living, and not the dead. The final resting place, be it on a mausoleum shelf or in the ground is a physical place for the living to find comfort in their loss. Graves provide a connection (pay respects, talk, pray or venerate) with the departed.

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