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Selangor Times – full reading copy online

Fri 2010-Dec-3 @ +08 14:30:33 pm

Full reading copies of Selangor Times are available at with latest issues of the English and Chinese editions every Friday and a full archive online.

This week’s issue of Selangor Times

Here’s this week’s 24-page issue of Selangor Times (minus the 4-page Chinese section, but with all the ads). The paper’s web site isn’t up and running yet, and I’ll put up weekly issues here until they make their own arrangements. View, read or download.

Alternative location: »» View or download at Google Docs

Long url: »»

Thanks to Selangor Times’ editor, KL Chan, for the PDF

  1. Patrick permalink
    Fri 2010-Dec-3 @ +08 14:37:02 pm 14:37

    Cheers mate. Tried sourcing them at the local 7-Eleven’s, but couldn’t find any.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2010-Dec-3 @ +08 21:58:48 pm 21:58

      Only 100,000 copies printed, usually all gone quickly, I’m told.

  2. Fri 2010-Dec-3 @ +08 23:55:33 pm 23:55

    How about Iphone and Andriod app for this??

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2010-Dec-4 @ +08 00:46:32 am 00:46

      I don’t know if they have the money for developing this. Any volunteers? FOSS supporters?

  3. Sat 2010-Dec-4 @ +08 08:22:01 am 08:22


    “Water, water, everywhere
    Yet not a drop to spare!”
    Learn and find out anywhere
    Let all water’s truths be bare

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 041210
    Sat. 4th Dec. 2010.

  4. nstman permalink
    Sat 2010-Dec-4 @ +08 17:34:58 pm 17:34

    If you care to read today’s NST, you will have discovered that eight pages are devoted to NEM tosh from the PM’s Department. They include advertorials disguised as news. And these mutts from the NST’s insidious propaganda machine keep reminding us, the stupid readers, that Barisan is the chosen one to lead the country. Barisan is the Truth and the Light. And for good measure, well=paid sycophants and apparatchiks in the editorial department dare to lecture us, the stupid readers, on probity and transparency with a straight face. Don’t they ever learn? For the past few weeks, NST’s circulation has unofficially plummeted to 62,000 copies a day, thanks partly to the school holidays. Now the circulation department will have to wait till the holidays are over to know whether NST is going down Mexico way for good. In the meantime, for those seeking a respite from lies, a good alternative is Selangor Times. Let the good Times, that is Selangor Times, roll.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Mon 2010-Dec-6 @ +08 23:18:59 pm 23:18

      It’s sad, isn’t it, what’s been happening to NST sales. The ceo is quite concerned, I hear, but the situation requires more than standard textbook marketing. And on the editorial floor minds are focused on the nitty-gritty of technical accomplishments. Ultimately it’s the “I’m all right Jack” Umno culture of the 80s that’s to be blamed.

  5. nstman permalink
    Tue 2010-Dec-7 @ +08 06:36:10 am 06:36

    My sources in the NST circulation has told me that NST is expecting the worst when ABC figures are released for the year. They expect circulation to fall to 70,000, from 110,000 last year. A precipitous drop which is setting the tone for NST’s free fall. NST has practically given up on Penang where the paper has been virtually wiped out. Average sales in the state come to about 6,000 a day, with bulk sales for schools accounting for half the figure. That means the paper’s open sales is only 3,000. NST’s last bastion is the Klang Valley, which contributes nearly 70 per cent of their sales nationwide. A big drop in Klang Valley will mean the end of hitherto the most influential paper in the country. If the trend continues, NST could even drop to 20,000 by next year. But NST can take heart in that they can still make money, thanks to the Malay papers. In the meantime, Ahmad A. Talib, Najib’s propaganda czar in all but name, continues to hunker down in his bunker of lies and subterfuge as he tries to fight his paper’s slumping fortunes with feel good stories. We wish him luck. He he he.

  6. Thu 2010-Dec-9 @ +08 22:01:08 pm 22:01

    It’s really nice to be able to access the digital copy of the early issues while they’re still setting up the website. Thanks so much. Appreciate it!

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