How Rocky raped WikiLeaks to screw Rais

So where’s the WikiLeaks cable, Rocky?

There are 994 secret US diplomatic cables from Kuala Lumpur held by the WikiLeaks team. Only two have been published.
WikiLeaks' record of cables from KL
No cables out of Jakarta have yet been published. One Singapore cable about Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Tun Razak was leaked to an Australian newspaper. It was not published at WikiLeaks.

by uppercaise
Truth was a casualty when Rocky of Rocky’s Bru resurrected a four-year-old rumour about Rais Yatim to hit back at the information minister.

To put it bluntly, Rocky lied, using his headline to ride on WikiLeaks’ name and reputation in order to grab new attention to an old story, as part of his campaign against Rais.

How Rocky raped WikiLeaks to screw Rais
The original posting. He claimed it’s from WikiLeaks


But after naming Wikileaks in the headline he turns vague and wishy-washy:

I have not been able to lay my hands on a said Wikileaks series of diplomatic whisper in 2007

And in the second paragraph, he says again,

I can’t say for sure it existed in the first place. But there has been talk.

He doesn’t even know if it exists? Then why say so in the headline?

If Rocky was just another blogger it might not really matter. But Rocky (Datuk Ahiruddin Atan) is a former editor of the Malay Mail, president of the press club, past president of a bloggers’ alliance and committee member of a new bloggers’ alliance.

He’s also editorial adviser to Bernama TV, against which he ran a campaign in 2008. Bernama TV’s contract subsequently fell into the hands of Redberry, the communications group owned by a Najib Tun Razak ally which now also owns the Malay Mail and Malaysian Reserve. Rocky is also the editorial adviser there.

By profession he is a journalist. But the method he used is of double-speak, the method of the propagandist.

Declaring the source to be WikiLeaks made it look like a big scoop. (Three weeks later, no one has claimed to have seen any such WikiLeaks document.)

Asia Sentinel's original report on Jan 3Others jumped on the WikiLeaks headline and followed up, essentially repeating the lie.

The Sentinel changes its mindAsia Sentinel reported it as WikiLeaks on Jan 3. Later the Sentinel corrected their posting, with asterisks on the headline and subhead pointing to a paragraph buried at the end that explained that they had not found any WikiLeaks cable.

But the lie kept being repeated. On Jan 5, The Star, for example, blithely carried on, 12 days after Rocky’s headline, more than enough time to have checked the WikiLeaks web site.

The allegations … were contained in cables made public by whistle-blowing website Wikileaks

and then, in the same story

Following the revelation by Wikileaks, Migrant Care … lodged a police report

The next day, Jan 6, Malaysia Chronicle, noted for its over-the-top reporting and commentary, quotes Rocky as saying:

He added that his blog post was sourced from the ‘diplomatic whispers’ revealed by cables on Wikileaks

And on Jan 7, Free Malaysia Today’s commentary noted that:

scores of news reports and blog postings … since WikiLeaks revealed the rape

But WikiLeaks has not published any secret US diplomatic cables so far on this rape report. Only Rocky claimed so then twisted and turned to avoid taking responsibility.

When Mahfuz Omar challenged Rais to sue Rocky over his allegation, Harakah reported,

Nama Rocky’s Bru kembali diperkatakan di blog-blog sejak bulan lalu ekoran satu laporan di blognya yang menyiarkan pendedahan WikiLeaks bahawa

Again with the WikiLeaks.

On Tuesday, Jan 11, Rocky posted in his defence an extract from

Namun diduga itu pelintiran Harakah yang menjadi oposisi UMNO. Sebab, Bru tidak menyebut demikian di blognya.

Detik goes to lengths to defend Rocky. But that image of his posting (above) shows Rocky did say so in his headline, then twisted to say he doesn’t even know if it exists. Rocky set out to mislead, using a lie. And other journalists jumped on the magic word Wikileaks to repeat a lie, without checking.

It’s propaganda. It’s smear tactics. It’s character assassination. But it’s not journalism.

And what about Rais? There is a report made about him. It was lodged with the embassies. People talked about it online in 2007 or 2008. Nothing came of it then. It’s never too late to begin criminal investigations, of Rais or his son’s purported billion-ringgit contract, if there’s any truth to the allegations.

The truth always matters. But will the truth prevail when you begin with a lie, and live with lies?

© 2011 uppercaise

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16 thoughts on “How Rocky raped WikiLeaks to screw Rais

  1. Well, I never! Would Rocky,a diehard journo play loose and fast with “true facts’ and ride on Wikileaks?

    After all, this is the 3rd occassion he’s being harassed by the establishment. There’s that lawsuit against him by the NST (together with Jeff Ooi and the case is still pending hearing) and the hoohaa over that article that Rai’s son may be involved in the multi-billion $ Govt contract to give away free laptops to rural populace and now this allegation of rape against Rais.

    Does Rocky, supported by his unlikely pro-UMNO bloggers like Big Dog and Parpukari have an agenda to topple Rais? Your guess is as good as mine!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    • Did Rocky have an agenda to topple Kalimullah? Did he have an agenda to turf out Pak Lah people from Bernama TV? Is Rocky a member of the establishment now?

  2. I fully trust Rock’s revelation. He knows the truth and is challenging Rais to sue him so that it can be finally revealed. He knows lots of things that have been hushed up. We will wait and see if Rais has the balls to sue Rocky. I suppose Rocky’s sources must be very credible and if I am not mistaken it must be the same source that keeps Che Det well oiled and informed.

    • The rape report about Rais is four years old. It was discussed on the Internet 2-3 years ago, but nothing happened. The point here is: was there a WikiLeaks cable as Rocky claims? No one has said they have seen one. It is not at WikiLeaks. Rocky’s links to Che Det are taken for granted.

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  4. Come on, this Rocky has always been a propagandist and there’s always an agenda behind all his moves. What he did with the alleged “Wikileaks” leak smells of an agenda to destroy another person by posting it on his blog, a platform he uses to topple people like Kali, Abdullah and others. If you say what he did is not journalism, I agree with you. Just can’t understand how Redberry can tolerate this chameleon by appointing him as editorial adviser. The sooner Redberry do without him the better or this media group will end up being tarnished by this manipulator.

  5. Rocky is a gun for hire. Buy him a drink at selangor club, show him the money and he will WRITE the “wrongs”. Pity so many people still think he is “professional” in his work. Double-speak is his name. Why are the bloggers still want him as their head honcho? The All-blogs group under him has now been effectively silenced and co-opted into the Najib gomen. Wake up. Those who know him long enough know that u can’t trust this alcohol kaki, not that a drink or two is a sin.

  6. Does Rocky know how to write without fear or favour to anyone especially to shenanigan Mahathir ? Any derogatory remark about the shenanigan Mahathir and in particular addressing the shenanigan a pariah your blog will be deleted. This is his journalism !

  7. I think we are going off-tangent from the real issue which is: did Rais rape his amah? Just because it happened about four years ago, we should just close one eye and shut the other? In true Malaysia Boleh-style. I do not know Rocky personally, but reading some of his postings, it would appear that he is indeed a gun-for-hire. But that is really besides the point. We all have diffrent ways of revealing the truth… Rocky did it by a couple of lies, so what? Does it change the fact that a Minister raped his amah?

    • When a journalist lies, it’s no longer a matter of “so what?”. That lies have become an everyday part of political culture and are acceptable to some is by itself demeaning. The final paragraphs of my posting deal with the facts relating to Rais.

    • He done it or not was not the point of my posting, but of journalism and ethics. Lying is not acceptable in journalism, even if Malaysians take it for granted in politics. If lying in journalism is acceptable, you get the newspapers you deserve, don’t complain about the media then. He “done it” applies to Rocky too.

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