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Tasteless journalism No 2: Utusan Malaysia

Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 00:54:55 am

On a day when Berita Minggu was hammered for bad taste in publishing an editorial cartoon on the Japan tsunami, leading to a quick apology, Utusan Malaysia Online quietly slipped in a piece of tasteless journalism of its own later in the evening(above).

The headline is factually correct, of course. The poor woman who perished is named, according to the story, Elizabeth Wong. She’s a teacher, aged 25, living at an apartment in Damansara Perdana, outside Kuala Lumpur.

But any headline that says “Elizabeth Wong dead” is pure sensationalism, misleading, alarmist and in bad taste, for seeking to play on the name of the popular Selangor executive councillor and assembly member for Bukit Lanjan.

She’s the only Elizabeth Wong with public recognition that her name could stand on its own in a headline, without the need for a qualifying phrase.

Utusan Malaysia has been noted and criticised in the past for biased reporting and skewed commentaries, with the president of the National Union of Journalists, Hata Wahari, notably criticising the paper for fanning racial sentiments and other Barisan Nasional-owned and BN-controlled media for playing politics in their news coverage.

It now looks like headline writers, too, want to get in the act.

The story at Utusan Online is time-stamped 5:21pm — hours after Berita Harian had apologised for its cartoon. It is not likely that the BH apology went unnoticed, which prompted one Twitter question: “What is Utusan trying to do?”

But will there be sufficient public outrage to demand an apology from Utusan, as Berita Harian was quick to do yesterday for its tsunami cartoon?

  1. nstman permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 03:20:54 am 03:20

    Bastards, all of them. Worse than animals. And they call themselves journalists. Bastards.

  2. Eric permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 04:32:05 am 04:32

    Hi Anna, if your blue energy cloaked ships are in orbit and Sendai is a prelude to invasion please do us all a favor. Rub out this Dickheads and their office space. Don’t fret you do NOT want them as specimens for your breeding program.
    please program your energy beams to the following “Kill Boxes”:

    Ibu Pejabat

    Berita Harian Sdn Bhd,
    Balai Berita, 31 Jalan Riong,
    59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Telefon: 603-2282 2323
    Faks: 603-2282 2425, 603-2282 4340, 603-2284 4978
    Biro Negeri
    Saufi Hamzah
    BHSB Johor Bahru,
    No 88A & 88B, Jalan Padi Satu,
    Bandar Baru Uda,
    81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.
    Telefon: 07-2380017
    Faks: 07-2382521
    BHSB Batu Pahat,
    No 97 & 97A, Jalan Kluang,
    Taman Rasa Sayang,
    83200 Batu Pahat, Johor.
    Telefon: 07-4314949
    Faks: 07-4320536
    Junita Mat Rasid @ Rajab
    BHSB Muar,
    No 55-4, Jalan Bentayan,
    84000 Muar,
    Telefon: 06-9522226
    Faks: 06-9518100 Amirullah Andi Nur
    BHSB Melaka,
    Lot 235, Jalan Taman,
    Taman Melaka Raya,
    75000 Melaka.
    Telefon: 06-2822706
    Faks: 06-2844660
    Ziauddin Sharuddin
    BHSB Seremban,
    No 89-1, Jalan Toman 5,
    Kemayan Square,
    70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
    Telefon: 06-7639896/7677636
    Faks: 06-7642826 Abdul Razak Raaf
    BHSB Kuantan,
    No 1, Lorong Rusa Satu,
    Off Jalan Bukit Ubi,
    25200 Kuantan, Pahang.
    Telefon: 09-5142600
    Faks: 09-5143877
    Johari Ibrahim
    BHSB Putrajaya,
    Blok A-T.02-U.08. (Tingkat 2),
    Jalan P8C/2,
    Pusat Komersil Kawasan Utara,
    62250 Putrajaya.
    Telefon: 03-8888 4642
    Faks: 03-88885242
    Wan Ahmad Jailani Wan Razak
    BHSB Shah Alam,
    Balai Berita 2,
    No 16, Jalan U8/85,
    Seksyen U8,
    Telefon: 03-78452506
    Faks: 03-78452584

    Jalal A Rahim
    BHSB Ipoh,
    No 29, Jalan Hussein,
    30250 Ipoh,
    Telefon: 05-2546598/2540323
    Faks: 05-2421023

    Abdul Halim Yusoff
    BHSB Kuala Terengganu,
    No 1107U, Jalan Pejabat,
    20200 Kuala Terengganu,
    Telefon: 09-6226366
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    Fazli Abdullah
    BHSB Pulau Pinang,
    No 33, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
    10050 Pulau Pinang.
    Telefon: 04-2270948/04-2270634
    Faks: 04-2291863 Amin Ridzuan Ishak
    BHSB Prai, Lot 322 & 323,
    Prai Industrial Estate,
    13600 Seberang Prai, Pulau Pinang.
    Telefon: 04-3804000
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    Azmi Md Deros
    BHSB Alor Star,
    No 101 & 103,
    Komplek Alor Star,
    Lebuh Raya Darul Aman,
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    Telefon: 04-7310528
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    BHSB Kangar,
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    Ismail Mat
    BHSB Kota Bharu,
    Lot 184, Jalan Kuala Krai,
    15100 Kota Bharu,
    Telefon: 09-7440046/09-7461172
    Faks: 09-7470100

    Misiah Taib
    BHSB Kuching,
    Lot 3, Seksyen 64,
    Jalan Simpang Tiga,
    93350, Kuching, Sarawak.
    Telefon: 082-230121
    Faks: 082-230143 Kandau Sidi
    BHSB Miri,
    Lot 284, Tingkat Tiga,
    Jalan Temenggong Oyong Lawai Zau,
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    BHSB Langkawi,
    No. 121, Tingkat 2,
    Langkawi Mall, Persiaran Bunga Raya,
    07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah.
    Telefon: 04-9661520
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    Telefon: 04-4220154
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  3. Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 07:36:27 am 07:36

    Once I was told told by a wise old man that we should not try to teach the morons how to behave, read or write. To begin with they are called dogs for only one simple reason because they are dogs and it is in their genes how to behave otherwise.
    They even fuck their own mothers even shenanigan Mahathir admitted that the main problem with the Malay is incest.
    Don’t ever try to stop a barking dog not to bark because they are born to bark and do not try to teach them how to read no matter how hard you try even though the grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir tried very hard.
    Or was it because he was using that as an excuse to steal ? Besides can you ever teach a dog how to read ?
    In conclusion just let them do what they are born to , just let them continue demonstrating their stupidity because animals are animals and let’s not try to teach the dogs how to behave like humans. Because animals can’t never ever learn
    how not to bark ! Just wait for the time when their Umno masters are kicked out of the government and very very soon for the sake of these puppets disguised as journalists !

  4. Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 09:48:56 am 09:48

    The address are listed……Thinks of ways that these UMNO Run Racist Papers do not print anymore……and those JUMBANlist there unemployed… …hint hint I smell smoke or I see a BIG cloud of smoke…. Why let Racist useless bigots exist…do it quietly…nearer election Better…the impact Better….If done too soon they recover and can start again….do it 1 week before is Best!!! ;-))

  5. farha permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 10:39:27 am 10:39

    i don’t remember utusan apologising for anything…

  6. LSW permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-14 @ +08 13:33:12 pm 13:33

    In most other countries their journalists bring honor and glory to their nations by penning world class articles, but here they pen about rumours,stupid rhetorics,racist comments, and all childish praises for small works done by YBs………not just utusan but all our newspapers are overtrying too hard to please the power.

  7. Awang permalink
    Tue 2011-Mar-15 @ +08 14:43:59 pm 14:43

    Utusan is a morally bankrupt paper.

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