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Anwar must remain courageous for his followers

Thu 2011-Mar-17 @ +08 10:14:14 am

from Activis Reformasi
by email


Contrary to the wishes of divisive forces, Malaysians are not going to be dancing in the streets celebrating Anwar’s going to jail or otherwise. Malaysians generally are not interested in punishing Anwar for his alleged decadent habits. He and his family have suffered enough without Malaysians gloating about the truth.

Malaysians are more interested in changes in the way this country is governed. They have been looking for a leader to galvanise and to rule over the changes. Anwar had said things which appealed to Malaysians. They have given him a break on March 8th, 2008. They have been watching over the last three years to see if they had made the right choice. Nothing is more dangerous to the country than to have a person who is a lying incompetent closeted deviant holding the reins of power.

Anwar’s competence as a leader who will supposedly shun business-as-usual politics has been severely tested in his handling or non-handling of divisive issues in his coalition. There have been no concrete proposals for long term solutions.

Granted it is not for public discourse, but the public can always sense out through his actions and inactions on issues; especially those he bore direct responsibility to resolve. His devil-may-care attitude about the alleged rigging of his party elections surely graded him in the low Cs. His sweeping under the carpet of the huge divergence between PAS and DAP ideologies smacks of a leader that procrastinates in order to hold the ship together until Putrajaya. He doesn’t seem to care if by then the time-bomb will be a nuclear explosion.

Malaysians will always peek to see if their leader is made of the best moral fibre. In this respect, Anwar now has a chance to proactively clear his name by submitting to a DNA test supervised by the courts. This is not about Anwar not being compelled under the law to prove his innocence. This is about Anwar reaching out to Malaysians who admire him by helping them to dispel all untruths about him. This is not about his alleged sexual deviancy. It’s about honesty or otherwise after the matter was alleged.

When the courts found him guilty in Sodomy I, most Malaysians chose to follow their hearts and minds and opined that he was a victim of a conspiracy to the charges then. They responded by supporting him throughout his incarceration, and crowned him potential prime minister upon his release. The courts were rendered impotent in the mind of the masses.

Similarly if in Sodomy II he gets off on a technicality, Malaysians will forever wonder about the truth about their so-called righteous saviour. There is nothing that Anwar should be afraid of in submitting to a court-supervised DNA test. Even if the DNA of Male Y matches with his, doubts can still be raised whether the semen was planted in Saiful’s rectum. With the fine defence team that he has, this should not be rocket-science. Anwar should not let his persecution complex override the dire needs for the truth among his believers.

Unless of course, Anwar may be afraid of the possible questions raised as to how something as sexually intimate as the fresh semen of a 63-year old potential prime minister can be so readily available in public domain.

Surely his demure wife is not a co-conspirator.

Received by email, identity not verified

  1. muthu permalink
    Thu 2011-Mar-17 @ +08 16:02:12 pm 16:02

    Just becoz my credit card/i.c was found on the floor of a 7-11 that just got robbed does not mean I commited the robbery. I could have dropped it there earlier on making a purchase way b4 the crime took place. No penetration so how semen get there in the first place! Even if the semen was there, No penetration mean No ACT OF SODOMY. Penetration must be proven not semen in there. I can put it there myself with a little help from a syringe.

  2. Fri 2011-Mar-18 @ +08 07:57:31 am 07:57

    This lusty grand father of all liars all he wants is to become the P.M. of Malaysia. He is just trying to get out of this litigation is on a technical ground and nothing else, even his lawyer, argued on his behalf that it was a consensus action.
    But it is still sodomy whether it was consensus or otherwise the one thing that I can’t accept is that he would hire a ‘good for nothing’ coffee boy to be taken abroad with him just to make him his daily cup of coffee. Don’t they serve coffee in the five star hotel they were staying in ?
    Another style of this lusty old man is to sue anyone and all those critical of his past or have anything to relate about their experiences with him for millions of dollars this is just to shut them up for the time being. He knows it will be a long time before the litigation comes up in court. Also it may be a long time ago but it is still very clear in my mind that I once attended a rally, when he was still the DPM, the clarion calls of his for the Chinese to return to China. A typical example of what the Umno is good at, using the Chinese as their punching and practice bag. To day as the opposition leader when he needs the support and votes of the Chinese he has stopped this for now. Can a leopard change its spots ?
    Please do not believe I am a supporter of Umno/BN, neither am I a supporter of DAP. I am a firm believer for the need to have the present corrupted regime to be replaced and by the same token so must we have this lusty AI and rabid mad dog LKS replaced too. Surely we can find someone of decent standings to be our leaders amongst the millions of Malaysians. This LKS has been in the opposition for longer than I can remember yet he has done nothing or achieved anything for the people. He is even jumping from Malacca to Perak, as a opposition candidate to get elected, because the people in Malacca knows him too well just like me.

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