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Blogger ‘arrested’ at midnight under Sedition Act

Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 04:13:04 am

» Barisan bloggers frame Hanief in sedition arrest
» The Star thinks Hanief is ‘uppercaise’
» Hanief speaks about the interrogation
20 March 2011: 17:00

• Blogger’s home raided at near-midnight
•Family’s computers and modem taken away
• MP Tian Chua intervenes, asks why action late at night
• Officers admit no warrant of arrest, says Tian Chua

Popular young blogger Mohd Nur Hanief Abdul Jalil, who recently made a reference to allegations of a sex scandal involving the Sultan of Selangor and a celebrity model, was hauled in for questioning under the Sedition Act at midnight last night (Friday) by police and officials of the Internet regulator, the Multimedia Commission.

After intervention by the MP for Batu, Tian Chua, the MCMC officers issued Hanief an investigation notice to report to their offices at 10am today (Saturday) and released him.

It was not immediately known which of Hanief’s postings was the cause of the action.

One of his provocative postings was on March 1 — a one-paragraph quotation from another blog which referred to allegations of a sex scandal involving royalty. He had also posted a satirical photographic collage of Mahathir Mohamad and the model, Kavita Kaur.

In another comment in that posting, he made reference to reports of royalty drinking liquor and linked to other allegations of royal misbehaviour: one was to a MalaysiaKini video of Negri Sembilan royalty alleging an assault by the Johore Raja Muda, and another to allegations by young Indonesian model Manohara Adelia Pinot against her husband, a Kelantan prince.

The posting on March 1 had drawn 80 comments.

Nur Hanief blogs at and has a video channel on YouTube as “Malaysianews“. He recently became a registered voter in Tian Chua’s constituency.

Hanief’s father informed the MP, who had just returned from a Pakatan Rakyat forum in Ipoh, about Nur Hanief’s detention. Tian Chua immediately posted the news on Twitter, and went to Sentul police station “before the poor kid is intimidated to confess or his rights abused”.

Tian Chua said the family told him that police and MCMC raided their home at close to midnight and had ransacked the place, taking away all their computers.

When he arrived at Sentul police station, Tian Chua said he found MCMC officers in the midst of interrogating Hanief, and asking him for the passwords to his blog.

Tian Chua posted a photograph of the MCMC officers.

He questioned why Hanief had been taken in at midnight, and on what charge. He was told Hanief was arrested under “hasutan” — a reference to the Sedition Act — but no one could show him a warrant of arrest, Tian Chua said. They also admitted that no warrant of arrest had been issued.

MCMC officials threatened to lodge a police report against him after he said Hanief should be free to leave if he had not been arrested, Tian Chua said. They finally issued a notice to Hanief to report to their headquarters at 10am, and released him.

Late last night Tian Chua made an appeal for lawyers to help Hanief with the investigation.

  1. Taikohtai permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 08:47:10 am 08:47

    Still don’t believe that Malaysia is a police state eh?
    30,000 kena rotan.
    Laws of the jungle prevail in Putrajaya ZOO, biggest in the world!

  2. Tarmizi permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 08:59:08 am 08:59

    That is the problem with so call freedom of blogging and press. There seem to be no boundary what can be blogged and news and sensations being created.Such insinuations, characterizations , photo superimposition and allegations have boundaries that are difficult to define.
    If someone has such clear cut evidence of any allegations , then do not allege. Show it and prove it. Life will be easier for everyone.
    But the problem is it is all allegations, heresays , innuendoes and ultimately lies. But the damage to ones reputation and perception is already done. It is costly to the victim. But it cost only a few minutes punching his computer keyboard as far the writer is concern. Is that justice to the victim.?
    Now we have an MP trying to highlight the faults of the authorities. If they have not started with the false allegations or whatever we like to call it, the matter of poor handling by the authorities will not arise. Politicians will now come in to take advantage of the rubbish allegations.
    Now all the lawyers in town will jump in trying to establish their fighting qualities and perhaps enlarge the clientele list. And it will go on and on.
    Public time and money will be spent and wasted. Is that the way and route opposition politics is all about. If that is so , we can say bye bye to freedom and democracy in Malaysia. Blame ourselves for not being able to accept how to conduct ourselve democratically.
    If these insinuations and allegations happen in Singapore, this guy making the allegation will be in
    prison long time ago. Unfortunately the authorities are too soft. Even that the opposition is still
    complaining and will go to the streets.

    • Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 12:04:38 pm 12:04

      I agree with you, Tarmizi. If he is wrong, charge him but what we are not contended with are the time of arrest, no warrant, all carried out in an intimidating way. And the most gross of injustice is only those who are voicing against the government get this kind of treatment. I do not see mcmc or police going after those who posted superimposed pictures of Lim Guan Eng and other opposition leaders. Some are even worst then this case.

    • Ramsey permalink
      Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 13:54:10 pm 13:54

      Tarmizi I applaud your sense of fairplayin this. Equally I would appreciate if you could voice out your frustrations when there are cases of such superimposed picutres etc when these are done at the behet of those in authority. Or is your ability to see it is perverted to just one side?

    • Habib RAK permalink
      Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 13:07:06 pm 13:07

      I second Richard Loh’s view. To add further, see what happened to Tan Sri Phang. He raised the issue of allegations made against AG Gani’ Patail. Immediately, an anonymous blogger casted aspersion that Tan Sri Phang was involved in bribery. Till today, MCMC has yet to make any credible statement on the matter. These are things that makes the rakyat upset with the authorities and UMNO/BN. They are selective. Can’t you see YB Tian Chua’s intervention as the right thing?

    • achibong permalink
      Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 13:32:54 pm 13:32

      “If someone has such clear cut evidence of any allegations , then do not allege. Show it and prove it.”

      Tarmizi, what did the authorities do to the correct, correct, correct vid? That was clear cut evidence, not allegation. Bottomline, umno and the whole government machinery cannot be trusted.

  3. Wiseman permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 10:32:56 am 10:32

    Ayo yo…. this country is indeed a police state !! Very soon all bloggers who make comments on the govt will be hauled up and charged as well. This is the usual trend…….esp. when BN feels threatened and losing peoples’ faith. Pity those officers who have to act as per instruction, very often they were blamed for their action.

  4. Mohamed permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 10:43:28 am 10:43

    Look at the face of the MCMC officers. They look like zoo keepers out to enforce the law of the jungle!

  5. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 10:57:14 am 10:57

    #FreeHanief – I am with u hanief. Will be posting your awesome vids in my blogs as a show of support

  6. sillygerm permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 11:22:32 am 11:22

    Lucky Tian Chau came to the rescue….With so many death under custody, I am glad Tian Chua pressence save him from inpending uncertainty…No warrant of arrest? If anything that can goes wrong convenient goes wrong, the officer will escape as they will claim the his death is not under their watch….like Teo.

    They are a bunch of licenced hooligan who carry out their will at their own will! What a joke. What a nightmare. Terrorising without warrant of arrest!

  7. Philip Chong permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 11:26:51 am 11:26

    Good work Tian Chua!

  8. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 13:33:32 pm 13:33

    what makes you so sure that all those allegations are false and that the victims are all that innocent? you and your assumptions!

    • myhal permalink
      Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 00:24:50 am 00:24

      who are you to question about people rights. It is the right thing done by those so called officer to arrest someone without warrant?

  9. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 14:54:37 pm 14:54

    Long live the Melayu Gestapo! Hahahahahaha. Beyond bodoh lah.

  10. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 15:08:05 pm 15:08


    Let those given the tasks of enforcing any law
    Really get to know and respect all good laws
    So that they need not fall down flat on the floors
    When caught with pants down due to flaws

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Sat.19th. Mar. 2011.

  11. James Bond permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 19:07:47 pm 19:07

    That picture of Mahathir to Kavita Kaur is wrong ( hello anak doktor ini macam ka….)

    The correct picture put in the blog should have been Mahathir and his Chinese wife in Singapore…..I bet you guys didnt know….

  12. JSF permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 19:09:45 pm 19:09

    Perhaps defamation, but sedition??!! Bloody touchy leadership cannot stand sarcasm about their precious so-important lives and calls it the equivalent of being a traitor? Sends the police in the night to send fear to all of us because they are so… afraid for their fragile egos? Puan Puan dan Tuan Tuan, these emperors have no clothes.

  13. donxas permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 20:38:35 pm 20:38

    If what Hanief posted are truths, then Hanief will be the hero in the end for the sake of truth.

  14. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 21:21:12 pm 21:21

    Wait till a disaster strikes, the evil that man doesth lives after them, I too was hauled up by the police for writing the truth of rotten status of the Malaysia cooperative movement of 8000 cooperatives with its membership of about 8 million. Read all articles by keying in “thuraisingham Shun” in the googgle search engine. 2 pertinent letters sent to the Prime Minister is stuck witha napoleon in 3rd floor o Putra Perdana

  15. Malaysian permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 22:34:44 pm 22:34

    Rules of the jungle applies in Malaysia.

  16. Harith S. permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 23:04:25 pm 23:04

    JAIS, why dont you idiots go bonk each others wifes to glory & I am sure the supreme Islamic leader of the state will protect all you great bonkers as he is the master & father of all bonkers!! Damn with these bastards so called pious muslim hypocrites of the highest degree!!

  17. ketuanan samseng permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 01:06:13 am 01:06

    The fact that the blogger no longer had sole custody of the passwords proves that MCMC approved of the content from that point on. Do they also demand account passwords?

  18. Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 02:40:26 am 02:40

    Allegations? Do the investigating officers (or zoo keepers) ever question those implicated. RPK said that Najib and Rosmah were at the site where Altantuya was murdered and blown up.
    Did the IO verify this with the two. When question in court he was fumbling, meaning NO. I have lost faith in lot of people I had faith in before especially Perak, Selangor, Johore, Terengganu, Pahang. Gamuda, Shah Alam Hospital, Crooked bridge, New palace, etc.

  19. Tarmizi permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 10:34:09 am 10:34

    There are some very irate response to my earlier piece. That is exactly the point I would like to highlight that we are not playing the game that we preached. Stay away from this dirty game that BN is taking advantage off. Play by our so call high pedestal game. Create your credibility by not getting involve in such a game. Don’t start donating 4 wheel drive in Sarawak but just a few days ago we complain loudly about election corruption by BN.
    Let the people decide in the coming election. The opposition must show itself it is squeaky clean.
    Is it so morally or materially.?


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