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Hanief video: Mahathir on abuse of power

Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 15:05:09 pm

What Mahathir said about abuse of power, and how to “tangkap” and “buang” applies very much to what happened to blogger Hanief on Friday night, and his questioning by the Multimedia Commission today, for an alleged offence under the Sedition Act.

From Hanief’s Malaysianews channel at Youtube

  1. Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 18:52:51 pm 18:52

    Aha… that’s why MCMC and PDRM have been harassing Hanief. He’s a PKR guy lor. How pathetically low can these Scumno rapscallions go? Just makes one puke in total disgust.

  2. Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 07:18:26 am 07:18

    This grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir can only teach but is too thick too learn. Why ? Need I say more, only very good at remembering how much Petronas has in it’s accounts so that he can steal from it. The actions of an untouchable pariah !

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