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Soundalike pro-Taib ‘Sarawak Reports’ site goes up

Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 14:25:57 pm

The anti-Taib site is Sarawak
Taib’s supporters are at the new Sarawak (with an ‘s’)
You might be fooled, if you’re an ass

The image above is of Sarawak, the original hard-hitting whistleblowing campaigning website set up by a former BBC World Service reporter Clare Rewcastle and a Sarawak activist, from London. The pair also run Radio Free Sarawak, which broadcasts on the Internet and on short wave.

If you spell Sarawak wrongly, you’ll end up at the pro-Taib site instead


This is the new Sarawak (notice the name is in the plural, with an “s” after “Report”), a soundalike site which went live a few days ago with strongly pro-Taib Mahmud reports lauding the economic development of Sarawak, and attacking Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today, and pooh-poohing the reports of environmental damage.

It went online a few days after former British prime minister Gordon Brown wrote in praise of Clare Rewcastle, his sister-in-law, and criticised the massive deforestation of Sarawak.

So far the site has carried nothing in answer to the damaging and explosive revelations on the original Sarawak about the vast extent of the Taib Mahmud family fortunes, their lavish lifestyles and property holdings, and the billions they are said to have reaped from government construction contracts, land deals, timber and oil palm plantations, directly causing environmental damage, deforestation and the loss of native ways of life especially among the nomadic Penan people.

One of those enraged by Clare Rewcastle’s site and by Gordon Brown’s emergence in public to trash Taib Mahmud, the chief minister, was blogger Rocky who posted a piece Wake up Miss Clare, the days of the White Rajahs are long gone! in which he highlighted a posting by Firdaus Abdullah, former New Straits Times reporter turned blogger. Rocky said Firdaus “who spent 5 years as a correspondent in the state, explains why some quarters are aiming their guns at the CM and why they need to take him down by hook or by Clare.”

Rocky also began taking a keen interest in Sarawak and its forests:

Rocky is Ahiruddin Atan, once editor of the Malay Mail and now publicly a staunch Mahathir supporter, editorial adviser to the Redberry media group, and author of Rocky’s Bru, the blog and a column of the same name in the Malay Mail.

  1. BauLakia permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 15:29:26 pm 15:29

    It this the same Rocky Bru? Not surprising as he has sold himself to Umno after running them down for years. He’s bing paid quite handsomely we heard.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Mar-19 @ +08 16:00:44 pm 16:00

      Actually it’s different Rocky Bru — it’s now a Datuk Rocky Bru but he keeps the same name. Same but different, see?

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