The Hanief arrest, told in Tweets

How Tian Chua broke the story of the Hanief arrest

First of 8 select Tweets

...of his blog? That's not legal! Why interrogate at midnite? free to go & investigatn can be done during daytime


5 thoughts on “The Hanief arrest, told in Tweets

  1. C’mon people of Malaysia! This is turning into a police state. Let us not kid ourselves okay, especially all who vote for bn. If they can do it to Hanief, they can do it to anybody who seemingly opposes them. Let us put an end to be-end or our freedom and rights will all be ended.

  2. Cracks me up, Tian Chua said hanief “recently turned 21”. Oi MP, he’s 26 la by now.. aiyoo..

    Anyway #freehaniefnow , his satirical video are genius.. “COREK COREK”

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