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All the details of Sarawak land grabs

Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 16:28:28 pm

View, download or print: one-sheet spreadsheet at Google Docs

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Details obtained from Sarawak Report’s exposé

» Sarawak Report releases land grab data on the web:
11 pages of 100 deals each, with names, area, locations. and payments

Sarawak Report, the whistleblowing site, has published all the details of 1,100 land deals in Sarawak and an interactive Google map pinpointing the locations of many of the more prominent deals. The site is asking readers to contribute details of those deals that they know about.

The details are from Lands and Survey Department data on more than one thousand plots of rural land acquired by the state — “the vast bulk have been handed on to close relatives or cronies of Taib Mahmud”, Sarawak Report says. “The total of land titles handed out in recent years, as calculated by the Land and Survey Department’s own figures is a massive 1.5 million hectares. Much of this has recently involved the acquisition of Native Customary Lands…”

But beware of cheap nasty imitations

  1. Justice4Natives permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-20 @ +08 17:56:24 pm 17:56

    It is very crystal clear the THIEF MINISTER of Sarawak , Taib Mahmud be charged for all the CORRUPTION that has enriched him,his family members and cronies.
    Taib’s close buddy Corrupt , Racist Opportunist Mamak MahaTHIEF should also be investigated for the billions he and his family has accumulated and hiding his loot behind constant racist chants & controversies. Interlok has MaHATEthir stamped all over it. !
    Has anyone notice both Taib & Mahathir – Chief & Prime Minister and lucrative Finance post as well ! Make looting easier !
    It really stinks to heaven for over 40 years Taib Mahmud has been raping the rainforest of Sarawak , displacing the Natives & stolen their land to make him one of the richest scum in South East Asia, if not the world.
    The stolen loot of land,properties and cash must run into the billions .
    Where’s the MACC ? Why is the MACC not springing into super fast speed like with the investigation of Teoh Beng Hock .
    To the MACC, Beng Hock spending of over a few thousand ringgit over election materials merit in the eyes of his Racist Nazi ‘MaHATEthir’ influenced interrogator , the death penalty !
    Are we all so sick & stupid that we cant see Injustice right infront of us ?
    Is this the type of ‘ Corrupt type of rule we want for our children ?
    For evil , injustice and corruption to continue ,good men & women say and do nothing !
    Reform & Change cannot come sooner enough !

  2. siva sundram permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-21 @ +08 09:34:10 am 09:34

    I do not think anything will change as long these people are voted into power. Money talks as anywhere in the world!

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