Barisan bloggers frame Hanief in sedition arrest

• FACT: Hanief himself did not write anything about the sultan and Kavita
• FACT: Other sites wrote about the sultan and Kavita in December and January
• FACT: The story was related to the appointment of state secretary Mohd Khrusrin
• FACT: Hanief only mentioned the allegations and linked to the original postings
• FACT: Barisan Nasional bloggers demanded that Hanief be arrested
• FACT: There are 7,000 web site mentions of the sultan and Kavita
• FACT: The media also pinned the allegations on Hanief. They were wrong.

Google Search: 6,940 results for the term “sultan selangor kavita kaur”
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Barisan Nasional blogs finger Hanief

The demand for Hanief’s arrest came from Barisan Nasional bloggers early this month, after he had posted his article. Screaming headlines on many Barisan Nasional-friendly blogs accused him of insulting the sultan.

March 1: The screaming headline at posted by “Blogenstarz”.
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March 1: The screaming headline at

Menteri KDN Tangkap Blogger Nie!!M
March 2: the demand from Selamatkan Rakyat

“Sekali lagi institusi diraja selangor di hina oleh pakatan haram, selepas mereka tidak puas hati dengan pelantikan kusrin sebagai setiausaha kerajaan negeri oleh sultan selangor, kini pakatan rakyat anjing-anjing mereka untuk sekali lagi menyerang sultan selangor.”

But the original postings was in December and January, and not by Hanief

What did Hanief himself actually say in his blog?

  1. A headline “Skandal Seks Sultan Selangor Dengan Kavita Kaur ?”
  2. A spoof photograph of Mahathir Mohamad and Kavita Kaur with the satirical caption “Sultan baru?”
  3. A quotation from Dian’s original posting
  4. A link to Dian’s posting as carried at Bonology
  5. A photograph of Kavita Kaur at a royal function, linked to the original report in The Star
  6. A clip and link from a personal blog about high society

All that was from other people’s articles. His own words were:

Hanief: Apa kata rakyat? Selama ini ada kerabat istana minum arak, bergaduh di disko dan kelab elit serta kes Manohara. Saya dahagakan satu Republik Malaysia, jika kuasa istana yang telah dikurangkan Mahathir ini, makin dicemari dengan kelakuan sumbang mereka sendiri. Paling tidak, kita boleh pulangkan semula semua duit istana kepada rakyat untuk bikin pendidikan percuma buat rakyat jelata.

It began with politics: the Khusrin appointment

The rumours about the Sultan of Selangor and his personal relationship with celebrity model Kavita Kaur have been circulating on the Internet for months, since December.

It surfaced at the time of the controversy over the federal government’s appointment of Mohd Khusrin Munawi as Selangor’s state secretary, over the objections of the Selangor mentri besar who insisted that this was in contravention of his constitutional authority.

Khusrin was said to have protected the sultan’s private relationship with Kavita Kaur.

She was even mentioned in Lim Kit Siang’s blog — in a reader’s comment on Kit Siang’s press statement regarding the Khusrin appointment.

The original poster was Dian, writing about Khusrin

The recent uproar over the Federal Government appointment of State Secretary Mohd Khusrin without consulting the Selangor State Government is another disrespect and selfish act of Sultan of Selangor. Everyone knows that Mohd Khusrin protected and supported the Sultan of Selangor…
Malaysia Flip Flop

That was on Dec 30, and his comment on Kavita Kaur was made in the last paragraph of an commentary on the Khusrin appointment.

Other blogs began writing about it…

And now like Perak, they are using a Sultan to do their dirty deeds for them. Using the Sultan of Selangor to ‘legalize” the appointment of the State Secretary. We all know that the Sultan Of Selangor is beholden to the Barisan Nasional government for his daily bread…
Hussein Hamid (SteadyAku47)

It also in the last paragraph of an angry article on the Khusrin appointment that Hussein mentioned the sultan’s private relationship with Kavita Kaur, which aggregates news about Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat, also carried the two pieces in January, Dian’s original article and Hussein’s follow-up.

The Star blames Hanief

Blogger Mohd Nur Hanief Abdul Jalil, who made allegations of a relationship bet-ween a member of the royalty and a celebrity model, was questioned…

MalaysiaKini also

Hanief, a well-known blogger had posted several controversial stories and pictures on his blog, the latest included allegations of sexual misconduct of a royal and a doctored picture showing former premier Mahathir Mohamad sitting next to model Kavita Kaur

But that was not so: Hanief did not post any stories himself in his March 1 blog posting. He quoted two articles and linked to them. He linked to the MalaysiaKini video of a Negri Sembilan royal complaining of an assault by a Johore royal. He linked to a video of Manohara Pino Adelia, estranged wife of a Kelantan prince, complaining of assault.

And he did not doctor any photo of Mahathir Mohamad. It was clearly a spoof.

MalaysiaKini, in its otherwise sympathetic account of Hanief’s arrest, was unfair in its characterisation of what he did.

But the real question is over the role of the Multimedia Commission — as with the police — in safeguarding public safety.

No royals were harmed in Hanief’s blog posting. Why was he singled out and his family brutalised by a midnight raid?

Malaysian society and Malaysian media need to stand up for free speech, and not condone official bullying, or picking on scapegoats.


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