Hauled in because someone ‘sakit hati’

They say someone reported me for something that caused them to sakit hati. According to the officers, if somebody feels sakit hati with a picture or posting on the Internet, they can report to MCMC
blogger Mohd Nur Hanief to Malaysiakini
after his interrogation on Saturday.

Extracts from MalaysiaKini

The interrogation

He was questioned from after 10am until about 1pm. He was alone. His lawyer N Surendran was unable to make it to the sudden appointment, and the Multimedia Commission refused to postone the questioning. “There were two MCMC officers. My father was allowed in but I decided to go in alone,” he said.


“They way I see it, their conduct is more like they are trying to intimidate bloggers,” he said, recalling the heavy handed way the police and MCMC officers raided his house at 11pm last night.

No warrant, incomplete document

He could not recall any warrant being shown to him for his detention and the seizures close to midnight on Friday. A seizure note was provided for the computers taken but it was not complete: the serial numbers were not written down.

Demand for passwords

The officers asked for his Facebook, Gmail and Blogger passwords. “When they asked me for my passwords, I told them I could not remember, just like Mahathir, I have selective memory,” Hanief said. He was reluctant to reveal his passwords, to prevent intrusion into his privacy, and to protect his lifelihood from his online ventures.

The MCMC officers threatened that his non-compliance may see him jailed for two years or fined RM100,000.

Lawyer: Strong-arm tactics

Hanief’s lawyer N Surendren (a vice-president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat) said Hanief is being investigated for a blog posting “that supposedly disrespected and insulted the Sultan”.

Surendren said the interrogation was an act of “intimidation” and use of “strong arm tactics” by the government. “It is an attempt to crack down on bloggers and the Internet, and goes against our guaranteed freedom of expression.”
from Hazlan Zakari’s report


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