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PopTV gets a rise out of elections

Mon 2011-Mar-21 @ +08 11:34:02 am

Oi! It’s That Effing Show again la. (Not the effing show at Carcosa)

The impending Sarawak state elections are upon us and the potential impact on our nation’s history is huge — though not as huge as the effects of an 800-page memoirSNAP! But what is it that we know about what goes on in Sarawak (we’re talking to you West Malaysia, what up?). From Taib Mahmud, Paku and Belacan, to finding out the difference between Batu and Mulu Caves, here’s our attempt at finding out a little bit more about geng-geng dan kekawan kita in Sarawak.

Video and text by PopTeeVee. Annotations mine

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