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Mo, the voice of Free Libya, killed on the job

Mon 2011-Mar-21 @ +08 03:28:37 am

“We have suffered for 42 years…for God’s sake…isn’t that enough?”

Mo’s first video that captured the world’s attention to the battle to free Libya.

It is always a shock when a journalist falls in the line of duty, death not being part of the daily routine except when it happens to other people. On Saturday, Mohammad Nabbous, “Mo”, was killed in Benghazi, Libya, while reporting on a deadly firefight going on all around him. He was shot dead by Gadaffi gunmen.

Mo was more than just a journalist. He was an unpaid citizen fighting for his country by using the new tools of technology that allowed him, a private citizen, to broadcast live to the world, to produce compelling and courageous journalism. He became the voice of Free Libya, setting up Libya al-Hurra TV which fed raw video and commentary from Benghazi and awoke the world to the desperate and bloody struggle for Libyan liberation.

Mo’s death devastated his many followers around the world, especially Andy Carvin of US public radio network NPR, who selects (“copy-tastes” in journo lingo) news and Tweets and feeds them into a live stream of liberation news on Twitter. Mo Nabbous was his primary contact in Libya.

Mo died on the job — a self-created job and television station built on a dream of freedom.

Mo’s last words: a citizen journalist who went beyond the call of duty in the cause of freedom


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