Yemen army backs peaceful popular revolution

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We expect the fall of the regime in the next 24 hours at max

Hakim Al Masmari, editor in chief of the Yemen Post, to Al Jazeera on Monday

Revolution may topple Ali Saleh after 32 years

The Guardian
After 32 years in power Yemen’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, looks destined to become the next Arab leader to be toppled as 11 military commanders, including a senior general, defected from the regime, promising to protect anti-government protesters in the capital.

The announcement by General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, a long-time confidant of the president and head of the Yemeni army in the country’s north-west, that the army would support the revolution opened the floodgates to a stream of defections from the regime.

Minutes after Ali Mohsen’s defection, tanks belonging to the republican guards, an elite force led by the president’s son Ahmed Ali, rolled into the streets of Sana’a, setting the stage for a standoff between defectors and loyalists.

The outcome remains unclear. Analysts say there may soon be a violent standoff within the military between those who have defected and the significant portions of the army still under the president’s control. » MORE…

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