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In sex video case, journalists truthfully left the truth behind

Tue 2011-Mar-22 @ +08 23:37:09 pm

by uppercaise
By going along with “Datuk T” and his controlled screening of CCTV video of an unidentified man and woman having sex, Malaysia’s media houses have allowed themselves to be manipulated, to become part of political theatre, and to discard the essential element of journalism: to discover and report the truth.

They reported truthfully what they saw, what they heard, and what they did. But what was the meaning of what they saw, heard or did? Was anything they saw or heard believable?

What was the truth? The media had become accessories to blackmail.

The reporting of Monday’s video drama left the public with no means to evaluate what was reported. The media were merely the vehicle for delivering Datuk T’s weapon: he is using public exposure of a public figure to secure the departure of that public figure and his wife from political office.

And he was using the basic honesty of Malaysian journalists to deliver a half-story based on half-baked journalism. Malaysian journalists have become accustomed to doing that as a routine, no thanks to dishonest politicians, public servants and policemen.

If the fundamental principle of journalism is to report the truth, it is not enough to say truthfully “this is what happened, this is what we saw, this is what they said”, then throw it into the reader’s lap, lean back and say “we’ve done our job, now you decide”.

It is dishonest, because it is only half the truth. In a completely-controlled situation, totally dependent on what was told to them, with no questions entertained and no other information provided, there was nothing else they could report. Exactly what “Datuk T” wanted.

Hazlan Zakaria of MalaysiaKini said In his detailed first-person account:

At the conclusion of the video, Datuk T clicked closed the video and asked me to write it the way I see it. It was only then that he introduced himself as Datuk T.

“Write it the way you see it.” Datuk T was relying on the basic honesty of journalists and on Malaysian half-baked journalism — the journalism that is the result of a controlled society, where two generations of dishonest politicians, public servants and policemen have been able to demand that journalists should just be stenographers, and report exactly what the politicians said — and only what the politicians said, and not report anything else.

So the media truthfully reported what happened at Carcosa Seri Negara, but they told only half the story.

It was not journalism. It was blackmail.

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  1. Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 09:30:33 am 09:30

    I think you can bet that we are seeing the beginning of sodomy 3. Umno together with the police & Gani Patail will fix up Anwar and charge him u/d s. 377B Penal Code of carnal intercourse against the order of nature..which is introduction of the penis into the mouth of the woman…the same charge he is facing in Sodomy 2 but of slightly different facts. They have problem with Sodomy 2. They have to make Anwar preoccupied with court render his impotent politically. That is their battle strategy.

    In Sodomy 1, it was Anwar who lodged a report and eventually finds himself charged. Hishamuddin conveniently lured Anwar to make a rpt and promptly announce the set up of a special team to investigate. Be ready for Sodomy 3.

    Their intention is to busy Anwar with court cases and to drain him mentally and
    politically. The AG will come out with a statement that since the person looks like Anwar, he has to be chargde so that the court can decide the matter.

  2. Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 10:47:44 am 10:47

    I just came across your blog. Great stuff; thoroughly enjoying it.

    Can you imagine the American Senate or the German Cabinet taking time out to watch a blue flick????

  3. sandi permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 11:07:42 am 11:07

    No scruples,no conscience, through and through corrupted and the so-called Datuk
    T , well, these are all candidates for Hell. Even their rotten flesh will be deviod of maggots. That’s the extent of their poison. Sometimes do wonder how they say their
    prayers. When these people die, the whole world can say prayers for them but they
    will go where they are supposed to go. HELL.

  4. Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 12:03:22 pm 12:03

    Your comments regarding Malaysian journalism are very accurate. All too often a press article boils down to: X politician said this, and Y politician said the opposite. There is no input from what should be an independent, critical and investigative journalism that follows up their statements, holds them to account, and exposes their lies.

  5. Charlie Chan permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 17:15:37 pm 17:15

    Can AG or Najib tell us whether oral sex or masturbation is sodomy ? I am ignorant of this.
    We need to know so that we have to watch out what we put into our mouths…

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Mar-24 @ +08 19:17:38 pm 19:17

      See the Penal Code (linked in the article). Not the penile code.

  6. Madda-goose permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 19:47:19 pm 19:47

    Mr Justice (Chandra Muzzafar) why listen on thses developments?

  7. latuktee permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 20:02:10 pm 20:02

    This is what happens when education standards are compromised, and with the push of NEP, Ketaunan melayu, BTN…etc.. students and the young are not taught like during the 60’s and 70’s… no critical thinking or any thought analysis! Talk to any graduates from any Malaysian Uni on world affairs, current affairs.. or just general knowledge… ethics… etc.. and you will see how wide their mouths will open without anything to say!

  8. Wed 2011-Mar-23 @ +08 21:52:56 pm 21:52

    I’m sure mainstream newspapers are subscribed by almost all national schools all over the country. Imagine the kind of news reporting school kids today are exposed to and how this effect their innocent minds? Imagine if they have to do an assignment like ‘Ulasan Berita Utama Akhbar Hari Ini’ and have to do one for the headlines like yesterday’s? I just hope that despite whatever political pressure they are facing, all journalists and media editors should take some time to deeply reflect the potential negative effects of what they are doing.


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