SNAP fires back: ‘Dirty trick’ to say secret deal with BN

Press statement from Sarawak National Party


The article in the Sarawak Report entitled SNAP’s Deal with BN which alleged that SNAP had a secret arrangement with Barisan Nasional in Kuala Lumpur is a fabrication of the worst order.

The truth is that there is and has been no deal between SNAP and BN. Further, there was never any meeting between the UMNO Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Mazlan with SNAP leaders or representatives recently, nor has there been any meeting with any BN representative to negotiate any arrangement.

The article is clearly the work of a department of dirty tricks designed to weaken SNAP just as the party is in resurgence and is getting ready for the upcoming state elections. The author wants to destroy SNAP as a viable political party. This is naughty and vicious.

The real truth is that SNAP is an independent party that works for the interests of Sarawakians in particular and Malaysians in general. Its objective is to unite the native peoples particularly the Dayaks under a single political umbrella.

There are many reasons why Dayaks should be united under a single party. We know that Dayaks generally want unity because they now realise that they have been divided for forty years and as a result have been dispossessed of their lands and properties by successive rapacious administrations. The root cause of Dayak poverty is their political division and SNAP is determined to stop this rot. The party of preference among the Dayak people is SNAP. Our wanting to contest in all Dayak seats is based on this premise.

The ghost writer made a number of scurrilous remarks which are more for entertainment and talking points by pundits who frequent our country’s many drinking stalls.

First, it is said that we are demanding all winnable seats. This is just hogwash. From whom are we demanding these seats? Why should we want seats just because they are considered winnable?

Second, he said that the party is duplicitous because after winning those seats, SNAP will go to BN. What does he take Sarawakians for? Simpletons? He is being downright malicious and dishonest when he said that SNAP wants to go that route. Doesn’t he know that to go to the BN fold, a party will have to get proper consent from its members and the concurrence of each and all of the parties which are already in BN? The ghost writer does not need concurrence from any one, of course, except from his paymasters.

Third, the ghost writer said that “SNAP is now the safe deposit box for UMNO/BN government.” What safe deposit box is he talking about? Just because the writer says this does not mean that this exists in fact. This is a tired and worn-out gimmick of creating an impression of ‘fact’ by quoting an anonymous source. SNAP is a safe deposit box, yes. But not a safe deposit box for UMNO/BN. It is a safety box for the peoples of Sarawak. SNAP is for Sarawak.

Fourth, he said that SNAP is no longer a genuine partner in the PR coalition. We have said time and again that SNAP, while strictly not a formal member of PR (just ask the PR Secretariat for confirmation on this) is willing to work with the PR in Sarawak. But the basis of this collaboration with PR has always been on whether PR could help enhance the interest of the party and that of Sarawakians. Why should we work with any organization that compromises the interests of Sarawak? As for the 40 seats now under consideration, this is in response to demands from the grass-roots. After all, party politics is nothing if not to serve the people.

Fifth, it has been alleged that SNAP has approached PKR’s potential candidates to join the party. SNAP welcomes people to join the party. It is after all an inclusive organization. But for the writer to say also that SNAP is ready to pay RM500.000 for PKR candidates to join SNAP is nonsensical and irresponsible because no such offer has been made to anyone. Such a statement by the writer is designed to create confusion, cast the party in a bad light and depict PKR people as ready for sale. This is an outrageous view for the writer to take.

Sixth, the ghost writer alleged that I have privately acknowledged that a deal has been made between SNAP and BN. This is pure fabrication. How could I seriously make such an acknowledgement while there is in fact no understanding between SNAP and BN? No single person can change the direction of a party without proper and democratic recourse and procedure.

Seventh, the ghost writer makes the claim that SNAP is now a “fake opposition party.” In his imagination it may be necessary for the writer to make this outrageous allegation. But for Sarawakians who are party members and who have suffered badly for years when their party was deregistered and were deprived of their political vehicle, it was surely not fake suffering.

It is now time to rebuild the party properly and we are encouraged by the response so far. What is fake is really the allegation by the writer in order to do damage to the party and its leaders.

Eight, it is said that Leo Moggie is “behind the plot”. As far as we can discern, Leo Moggie is working hard as Chairman of a GLC in Kuala Lumpur. We are sure that he has no time for such petty politicking and character assassination which the writer is obviously happy to indulge in.

Lastly the ghost writer asked us to confirm whether “we are part of the BN coalition plans after the election.” We categorically say that we are not part of any plot. The Sarawak National Party will want to contest those seats because we are the best party to contest in these constituencies.

It is clear that the ghost writer wants to sensationalise issues to cast doubts on the party and destroy its momentum of rebuilding. It is also clear that the ghost writer of the article wants to help those who want to see the Dayak people remain divided so that their properties and lands can continue to be plundered.

We urge our fellow Sarawakians not to be believe in everything that the Sarawak Report writes. This malicious article by the ghost writer is ample proof that those behind the Sarawak Report are not above making serious errors in judgement. The readers should not simply accept what appears in the Sarawak Report as biblical truth. Such reports can be fabricated to discredit anyone or any organization.

As a party that is deeply rooted in Sarawak, SNAP remains committed to upholding and protecting the interests of Sarawakians.

SNAP has, and will always be the Parti Asal Bansa Sarawak.

God bless the people of Sarawak.
Sarawak National Party (SNAP)


4 thoughts on “SNAP fires back: ‘Dirty trick’ to say secret deal with BN

  1. I already knew it long time ago. The day Zaid Ibrahim said that his party KITA, support SNAP in its demand is the day I know SNAP is a gone case. Both are trojan horse. Beware guys..

  2. SNAP is beholden to BN for their reregistration and screwed up the Batang Ai By Election. What’s more their finances are giving them problems, compromising their integrity. It’s just not practical for SNAP to operate except for their Ketuanan, Ketuanan Dayak, which only Jabu and Moggie are representing. Moggie has a cushy job and he’s well accomodated and connected.

  3. “Doesn’t he know that to go to the BN fold, a party will have to get proper consent from its members and the concurrence of each and all of the parties which are already in BN?”

    C’mon la, don’t think we are so naive la. UMNO is the taiko in BN, other parties in BN are basically Pak Turut only. If UMNO decides to accept SNAP into BN fold, none of the coalition member will dare to object, otherwise……. ( I leave it to your imagination). And who cares about the consent from members when the taikos in SNAP already have their pockets full with goodies. We have seen it before la….

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