Two gaps in Anwar’s Facebook entries


Anwar was on Facebook at 10.40pm?

Kim Quek in an article at MalaysiaKini says he found entries between 10pm and 11pm on Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook page. This is at odds with the entries I found earlier today for Feb 21 this year, and the screenshots I made, posted below, which show a two-hour gap after 9pm, and with the Twitter entries for Feb 21 which also show a two-hour gap. But Kim Quek says the entries he saw were for Feb 21, 2011. Perhaps I should try looking at another year just in case.


Two-hour gap in Anwar’s Twitter

What Kim Quek wrote at MalaysiaKini
… go to Anwar’s Facebook from your own Facebook account and look for his entries at the time when the video was supposed to be recorded, which is 10:23pm to 10:45pm on Feb 21, 2011. I just did that, and I found that Anwar made entries on that day at 10:40pm, 10:49pm, 10:50pm, for which he received nine comments, 17 comments, and eight comments respectively. And thereafter, he made another seven entries, up till 11:28pm. » Datuk T’s sex video – Anwar was on Facebook

Two gaps on Feb 21, 2011
Anwar Ibrahim was updating his Facebook page on Feb 21 with comments from his Twitter account. As those who use Facebook know, this is done automatically, by the machine, not by the person. His first Tweet for Feb 21 was at 3.16am. (The previous night, he had stopped Tweeting at 9.30pm.)

» The Anwar Ibrahim Facebook fan page

He carried on at 5am, continuing sporadically until 8am. Then he stopped. He resumed at 4.40pm. Where was he from 8am-4pm? Most probably in court, fighting his case against another charge of a sex offence.

He carried on Tweeting from 5.04-6.11pm, then 7.53-9.03pm. There is a gap in the night-time Facebook entries, between 9.03pm and 11.19pm; then he carried on Tweeting until 2am (now it’s Feb 22) and sporadically until 5.15am. He resumed at 8.25am (Feb 22).

When does he ever get any sleep?

The wall at Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook

No posting on personal Facebook
Anwar Ibrahim also has a personal Facebook account. The screenshot of his Wall on his personal Facebook does not have any posting for Feb 21.


12 thoughts on “Two gaps in Anwar’s Facebook entries

  1. They say between 9pm and 12am he was at home with his family, and his brother Roslan was there too. Not necessarily tweeting during the hours. Mind you, it’s never a strong alibi as anyone with high IT skills can hack someone’s account (be it Facebook, Twitter, etc…).

  2. The answer to the discrepancy is DST – Daylight Saving Time. You’ll find that before March 13th (the day the US switched to DST), all of Anwar’s tweets that get automatically updated to Facebook will have their Facebook timestamp shown as 1 hour before the corresponding tweet timestamp on Twitter. In fact, any timestamp on his page would have been 1 hour off. The correct timestamp is the Twitter one, of course, since Malaysia does not observe DST.

    The Facebook entry that Kim Quek says was at 10.40pm was actually the tweet that Anwar made at 11.39pm. You’ll find that there is a gap in his Facebook entries between 8.20pm and 10.40pm which corresponds to the gap on Twitter between 9.20pm and 11.39pm. So Anwar wasn’t on Facebook when the video was recorded. You can check this yourself to verify.

    • Seems the times on your screenshots are way off. DST wouldn’t explain that. The one about Saiful is timestamped Feb 22 at 6:19am on mine. Might be a good idea to check that your location in your FB profile and the time and timezone on your operating system is correct.

  3. What’s the big deal really? Even if Anwar didn’t use Facebook, twitter, etc., it still does not mean that he’s the person in the video. You should maybe investigate on the port dickson case.

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