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Zaid: I saw video, now check if it’s real

Thu 2011-Mar-24 @ +08 14:34:28 pm

Everyone with interest in killing off Anwar Ibrahim is insistent on whether proving it is him in the infamous “sex video”. But before asking who it is in the video, one must ask: is that video genuine? Was it really taken at that place and at that time?

Today Zaid Ibrahim said “I, Too, Saw the Video” and called for an examination of the video by a panel of reputable international criminal and forensic investigation agencies to first establish whether the video is genuine or doctored.

Extracts from his blog:

We politicians aren’t perfect. But the least we can do when caught with our pants down is to come clean and be honest about our failings.

…it is an inescapable fact that it is not in the interests of the nation to have leaders who are not able to observe some degree of discipline in their personal lives.

Over the last few days, I have been reading a lot of comments about this latest sexual encounter caught on tape … Yes, there are questions. And they should be answered. But the most important question is whether the video is authentic or if it has been doctored?

Unlike many Malaysians who have not seen the tape; I am in a better position to form an opinion.

And I put forth that the authenticity of the video must be determined. Due to the scepticism of our institutions, of our own forensic labs and experts, let us ask for an independent international panel of experts: Scotland Yard, the FBI, even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – together with PDRM to certify whether the tape is genuine or fake.
» I, Too, Saw The Video

  1. Letchumi Muthu permalink
    Thu 2011-Mar-24 @ +08 15:03:48 pm 15:03

    I agree that authenticity of the video should be verified independently by the parties named by Zaid Ibrahim as he now claims that he has seen the video. The video was probably produced by the same movie makers of AVATAR. Remember Dr. M’s wise remark, if anyone can produce a movie like AVATAR can also create 911

    • illuminati permalink
      Thu 2011-Mar-24 @ +08 17:02:12 pm 17:02

      Wonder is there a link there somewhere re your Avatar movie reference?

  2. Thu 2011-Mar-24 @ +08 22:41:36 pm 22:41

    We should ignore Zaid’s opinion. He has been taking pot shots at Anwar at every conceivable opportunity. His opinion is skewed.

    If Anwar said he was at home with Wan Azizah and his family members on 21 Feb at the time the video was shot, then we have to take Wan Azizah’s word for it. I don’t think any wife would protect a cheating and philandering husband, no matter how much she loves him. Wan Azizah had stood by Anwar in sodomy 1 & 2 because she knew that all those charges were fabricated. The same goes with this recent sex video. She is the one who knew whether Anwar was at home or elsewhere. Who is Zaid to say otherwise. We can also ask whether Zaid has gone back to drinking lately?

    This sex video was engineered by Umno people. These people would sell their own mother for money. To these people, money is their No 1 God.

  3. snow permalink
    Fri 2011-Mar-25 @ +08 12:13:18 pm 12:13

    Zaid, who was once respected for resigning is nothing but a sore loser. Shut up Zaid and have some respect for yourself.

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