Video: One angry beauty vs one stuffed-up mullah

When I was doing good works…where were
‘my people’, where was the media?

Veena Malik

Via Art Harun via Zorro

See Art Harun’s comments at The Beauty and the Mullah.
As Art says, God bless her.


4 thoughts on “Video: One angry beauty vs one stuffed-up mullah

  1. Hats off to Veena Malik. She has the guts and the conviction to take on the self-righteous mullah and tear down his judgement of her. This reminds me of the self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou Malaysians who think they have the right to judge others based on their own limited knowledge about other people; all these self-righteous sorts think they are free to air their judgement of others but let’s get real here, by accusing others of being immoral, they are in effect saying that they, themselves, are not immoral IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER AND HAVE NEVER BEEN IMMORAL. As such, they should be ready to have their own lives, habits, histories and religious behaviour carefully examined by the very people they accuse of being immoral. Do you think they would be ready for this? I highly, highly doubt it, and this is typical of accusers, because if the ones they accuse actually had the opportunity to examine the lives of their accusers, you can bet the accusers would learn to keep their mouths shut real soon. Why? Because most people love to preach but do not themselves practice what it is they preach. We can see stinking examples of this kind of hypocrisy amongst the rich and famous, the powerful and the privileged.

  2. Dear Sir,

    The character asssination has been rampant amongst the muslim world of late. This type of doing is infamous in African nations and the Soviet Russia in the early century. The use of sodomy and blackmailing of lurid sex acts has reached our country and of late has been used to rid of ‘unwanted character’ of political foes alike . This type of tool is unshamely practice by the muslims against another brother muslims. It has smeared the muslim world in the eyrs of the western civilisation. The muslim civilisation has not been the same after the death of our belovered Prophet Muhammad. The muslim civilisation has started its distructions even within the four caliphs era and through to Muawiyah reign and turning from bad to worse in the reign of Mamom and Yazid. We never learn and will not learn from history as long as we inherited the devils and satans ways of lust and vengence, the core of human distruction. History will keep on repeating itself forever, and the only way to overcome this phenomenon is to go back to the basic principals of Islam, which is widely practiced in the west, and widely abuse by the Muslim Nations at large. I vividly remembered once a upon a time, when I was reading my PhD in the UK, an Ulama said in his lecture ” if only the doors to heaven is open to the non believers of the west, then the heaven will be filled up with them”. I feel ashamed, ashamed to the core of my inner soul upon hearing this line of remark. Can you deny??

  3. The believers, Muslims with faith in their heart, are standing up to the satans who lead the religion of man known as ‘Islam’ today.
    I cannot disagree with Veena Malik’s statements or comments, nor in her condemnation of the hypocrisy found in the Islamist world today. Their sins are coming home to roost, and one great and terribe Day they will be Judged by the All Mighty for their deeds.
    Thank you for posting this.
    Peace and blessings.

  4. Islam is the religion of GOD but the devils are practicing it.
    I don’t want to be associated with IT or else I will also become a devil.

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