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Sex scandals you never read about in our media

Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 10:01:17 am

Miriam Mokhtar, now writing regularly for the Chronicle after being enticed away from the fading Mirror, takes issue with the latest so-called sex scandal, and lists a string of unreported real scandals involving politicians.

That they went unreported is not unusual for Malaysian media, almost all owned and controlled by the ruling party or subject to repressive press control regulations and strict bureaucrat overseers at KDN for whom the ruling party’s security has become synonymous with “national security”.

For Malaysian history buffs, here’s your weekend quiz. Can you identify those involved?

By Miriam Mokhtar
Malaysia Chronicle
The ringleader of this latest sex video is Rahim Tamby Chik. He is the disgraced, former Chief minister of Malacca who allegedly raped a minor and then had to resign. The underage girl’s grandmother sought a DAP MP’s help to bring Rahim Thamby to trial. That just shows how much trust ordinary Malays have in the elected Umno Malays. The DAP MP was himself thrown into prison. Did any of the other Umno Malays come to the defence of the girl?

Perhaps, the following questions should be incorporated in the history curriculum at school.

  • Who was the onetime UMNO deputy home affairs minister, who was allegedly implicated in the murder of a young woman? He is just like a current serving minister who is allegedly accused of rape. The widespread gossip connecting this onetime Umno deputy home affairs minister with the murder didn’t do his political career any harm. He was ultimately named Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister in the late 90s although he lost his parliamentary seat two years later and retired from politics.
  • Who was the Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who eventually gave birth to an illegitimate child? He also kept an under-aged mistress at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur. In 2003, he was also rumoured to be involved with the death of another attractive young woman was found murdered in an apartment in a Kuala Lumpur suburb. Although another individual was arrested and charged with the murder, he was later declared not guilty and no one else was ever charged. The inspector general of police, Mohd Bakri Omar, classified the case under Malaysia’s Official Secrets Act and no details were ever released.
  • Who was the non-politician but Umno mouthpiece who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed?
  • Who was the Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife?
  • Who is the Federal Minister who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel?
  • Who is the Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking?
  • Which Federal Minister had an affair with someone else’s wife and this eventually resulted in a broken marriage?
  • Which religious leader had an illicit affair and who now holds a prominent position in a very important government religious body?
  • Which Chief Minister had an affair with his sister-in-law who then gave birth to an illegitimate child?
  • Who is the son of the prominent politician who was implicated in the 2007 death of a beautiful Indian actress? The woman’s body was cremated almost immediately after her death.
  • Who is the minister who was implicated in Malaysia’ own deep throat sexploits and would put Emmanuel to shame?
  • Who is the current serving cabinet minister who is accused of raping his maid?
  • Who is the current MP who betrayed his first wife by marrying a young starlet? His second marriage was not blessed by a recognised … court official and he himself is reknowned for using gutter language in the Dewan Rakyat?
  • Which Malaysian Ambassador has been guilty of sexually exploiting women?

With ministers like these in Najib’s Sex Cabinet line-up, how could the rakyat trust the government, its courts, the police and its ministers? Very few of the privileged elite who make up the politically powerful and rich in Malaysia ever get punished.
from Miriam Mokhtar’s column “Najib’s ‘Talented, Wise And Thoughtful’ cabinet”   » Malaysia Chronicle

  1. The Penquin permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 10:49:37 am 10:49

    OMG ! …an X rated version of Animal Farm ?…

  2. Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 12:32:33 pm 12:32


  3. Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 12:50:07 pm 12:50

    A pretty disgusting Report Card but they still find time to pontificate.

    I’m sure they’ll blame it a broken moral barometer.

  4. OMG permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 13:35:06 pm 13:35

    Malaysia is ruled by sex maniac!

    • Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 16:39:31 pm 16:39

      ..headed by DNA of the Altantuya infamy.

  5. mmc permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 14:57:18 pm 14:57

    head was exemplary with his sexual escapade in Port Dick-son, no?

  6. farha permalink
    Sat 2011-Mar-26 @ +08 20:24:05 pm 20:24


    who, indeed….

  7. Umno Stinks To High Heaven permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 20:10:09 pm 20:10

    The 3 Dirty Garbage Crooks behind the video should have been arrested and charged for showing porn in public. Oh we forgot….there is ONE rule for Umnoputras and one for the others.
    For the sake of Justice and for our future generations we must all REJECT these scumbags who are peddling terrible lies and benefitting from all the ‘political assasinations of a Good Man of Integrity like Anwar who is fighting on all our behalf -the Corruption,the Deceit ,the Injustice, the Racism and the attack on our Judiciary in the process.

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