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Borneo Post staff sacked over spelling mistake

Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 00:26:14 am

A proof-reader at the Borneo Post, Sarawak’s leading English-language newspaper, has been sacked because he corrected a “spelling mistake”. And instead of publicising the web address of a sponsored pro-Taib Mahmud web site, the newspaper’s “corrected” article ended up promoting Sarawak Report, the whistleblowing site which has carried dozens of exposés of the Sarawak chief minister and his family.

Sarawak Report said on Saturday that the proof-reader’s sacking on Friday came after “a directive on this had come straight from the office of the Chief Minister”.

The new imitation website, Sarawak Reports (with an ‘s’), was set up a week ago, with articles praising Taib Mahmud and his government.

The name, with an extra ‘s’, exploits the name and reputation of Sarawak Report, the original whistleblowing web site. The imitation site is one of dozens of new sponsored web sites, said the campaigning Sarawak Report (without the extra ‘s’), the site that has published exposés of Taib, his family and the multi-billion ringgit holdings in property all over the world.

The imitation site praising Taib is called Sarawak Reports; its web address is almost identical except for the extra ‘s’ <;

The Borneo Post had prepared an article designed to promote the pro-Taib site, but the proof-reader assumed that the extra ‘s’ in was a mistake and corrected it — causing the Borneo Post to end up promoting the whistleblowers instead, said Sarawak Report.

The web site criticised the sacking.

“Why should a professional be fired for failing to be sufficiently quick-footed at such dirty tricks that the Chief Minister has been attempting to play? It is surely high time that Sarawak caught up with the rest of the world with rules to protect people with fair employment rules, so that high-handed dictators like Taib do not think they can just fire decent ordinary people like this in moments of anger and bad behaviour,” the web site said.

Sarawak Report (the real one).

What you get if you drop the ‘s’

Beware of cheap and nasty imitations

  1. Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 09:38:30 am 09:38

    NAIL TRUTH & SAIL ON – 280311

    Believe that the truth will prevail
    Fear not all attacks that assail
    Only a righteous ship will safely sail
    Through storms in any tea-cup or pail

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Mon. 28th Mar. 2011.

  2. Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 09:56:48 am 09:56


    There’s no sacking over a corrected mistake
    Bit for placing the facts where they should be
    This matter should have been a piece of cake
    If not for power that be with sting of a bee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Mon. 28th. Mar. 2011.

  3. fair permalink
    Sun 2011-Apr-3 @ +08 19:28:21 pm 19:28

    come on lah, the young man tendered his resignation a month ago, insider said.

    Your irresponsible posting may harm him in finding a future job. See my reasoning, if he is sacked by the company, he would have to state in his next job application that he was sacked. Why, because of the “s”? If he is applying to work in an established company, I am sure the employer wants to know whether he did it on purpose. If he did it on purpose, who would want to employ him? If it was a negligence, then, why would an employer want to employ a known careless person? If he said he was planted by “Sarawak Report” to do such a thing – will you employ such an unprofessional employee?

    Even if he is to start his own business, he will have credibility problem because of people like you who reported irresponsibly.

    Have mercy, whoever you are! Insider said the young man is requesting Borneo Post to give him a letter to state that he was not sacked.

    Have some sympathy on people – He is young and need to support young children.

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