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Daim totally embarrassed, says ‘I always kept notes’

Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 14:32:57 pm

Daim Zainuddin:
I always kept notes about important matters
in Cabinet and about politics

Q. Can we expect the Daim memoirs soon?

(Smiles). Many have asked and are awaiting my memoirs.

Q: What about the views expressed about you by Dr Mahathir in his memoirs?

This question is most difficult to answer. It would be better to ask others for their opinion. Honestly and frankly, I feel “totally embarrassed and humbled” (said in English) in the sense of being humbled, amazed and overwhelmed, deeply touched, and put in my place. I had not thought Dr Mahathir would be so open about it. I am grateful to him for being so clear and “candid” (said in English) about my actions as a Minister. I am fortunate to have worked with such a distinguished statesman.

Soalan ini paling susah hendak dijawab. Patut minta orang lain beri pandangan. Secara jujur dan terus terang, saya berasa totally embarrassed dan humbled dalam erti terharu, terpegun, tersentuh hati dan amat rendah diri. Saya tak pernah jangka Tun Dr. Mahathir sanggup berterus terang begini. Saya juga sangat berterima kasih kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir kerana memberi penjelasan yang terang dan candid mengenai tindakan-tindakan saya yang pernah menjadi tanda tanya sewaktu saya menjadi Menteri. Saya berasa sangat bertuah kerana dapat peluang bekerja dengan seorang negarawan yang terbilang.

Daim Zainuddin was the czar of Malaysia’s economy during the go-go 1980s and the silent partner and grey eminence of Mr Ultraman Mahathir Mohamad.
His remarks above were made in an interview published today by Mingguan Malaysia.

» An extract of the interview is at Utusan Online; it is a teaser for the full interview available only in Mingguan Malaysia or in the digital edition.

About the current state of politics

Daim praised Najib Tun Razak’s efforts as having stabilised the political situation, especially for the Barisan Nasional. People were now more mature and more knowledgeable about politics, and Najib seemed sincere in wanting to improve living standards, especially for the poor.

Every citizen has the right to a life of peace, freedom, comfort and prosperity. For most people, the responsibility of government is to provide basic amenities, fair economic opportunities, peace, security and freedom.

» Daim interview at Utusan Online

  1. Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 16:38:13 pm 16:38

    Daim together with Mahathir plundered the country. He is lucky that the ACA/MACC are just the tools of Umno.

    Most Bumi shares given to Tajuddin Ramli, Halim Saad and Wan Azmi were kept in trust for Daim, M’sian Finance Min. Well they have documentary proof of this trustor/trustee relationship.

    Most senior Mas officers knew that Daim used to carry bagfuls of cash to be air-freighted overseas. Well he just wore a sarong while on board.

    Daim..a corrupt scum who plundered the country with the connivance of Mahathir. He fixed up Anwar proper and good in Sodomy 1. Not surprising he comes back when malaysians are being dished with the sex video scandal. Isn’t that a coincidence.

  2. charlie chan permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 21:33:26 pm 21:33

    who is daim without DR M , read BARRY WAIN BOOK- MALAYSIAN MAVERICK n see how oth plunder the country wealth. Corruption is the legacy left by the previous administration

  3. lee permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 22:18:06 pm 22:18

    Let’s be very clear on this Mr Diam,MM or all you cowboy politicians……whether DSAI is gay,bisexual or whatnot HE shall be the savior of our broken country made possible by you guys who sucked us all dry during your heydays and you got the cheek to judge others when your hand prints are all over the dirty works/contracts. Don’t pretend to be an angel…go to parliment and ask how many of the MPs are without any girlfriends,affairs etc, SO WHY PICK ON DSAI alone when so many VVIPs have legendary affairs.

  4. samsaimon permalink
    Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 22:36:21 pm 22:36

    When he was the Finance Minister, he approved many things especially relating to gaming.
    And the beauty is he signed in ‘pencil’
    Shows what ?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 03:23:33 am 03:23

      Shows he’s a very careful man.

  5. LICIK permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 12:54:46 pm 12:54

    One Crook Oiling another Crook !

  6. Oldman permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 17:18:44 pm 17:18

    Damm is second corrupter after Mamakhtir……..

  7. Dev permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 17:27:53 pm 17:27

    All expired Ministers, Please do not treat the Non BN Rakyat as kids. Enough ! Laughing through our Ass. Time to pack for the Good. SAYONARA.. to all of you guys.

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