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Video: Chants of ‘Reformasi’ as police storm Anwar ceramah at midnight

Sun 2011-Mar-27 @ +08 00:55:37 am

Youth wing criticises heavy-handed police action ‘at private function’

PKR Youth said Malaysian police acted illegally by moving in at midnight to break up Anwar Ibrahim’s DNA (Datuk Najib Altantuya) ceramah, which they said was a function held on private grounds.

“This had caused injury to several people present, including journalists and AMK (youth wing) leaders,” said state information chief Mohd Saifullah Mohd Zulkifli in a statement.

MalaysiaKini reported that the police gate-crashed the ceramah, held to launch the DNA campaign. and stopped Anwar from continuing his speech.

Anger built up among the 1,500 attendees, and chants of “Reformasi, Reformasi” filled the air as the riot squad moved in. Three people were arrested.

“The police clearly showed that they were behaving unprofessionally when they stormed into private property and tried to drag Anwar away while he was closing his speech,” said Mohd Saifullah.

He urged the police to resist the pressure and instructions from Umno and the BN. “The police should be professional and serve the rakyat, and not the BN,” he added.

Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin said that Maslan Abdul Raus was held for using abusive language and Helmi Rizal being investigated for obstructing police.
He had no information on the third person. » MalaysiaKini

Tian Chua’s live Tweets from the Gombak ceramah


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