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Harakah reporter: I didn’t say it was Anwar

Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 04:32:24 am

I knew nothing about video. I was scared
for my safety during screening

Wan Nordin Wan Yaacob, a senior reporter with Harakah, the Pas party newspaper, has denied stating that he had named Anwar Ibrahim as the alleged opposition politician video-taped having sex supposedly with a prostitute.

Wan Nordin was quoted by Detik Daily as saying that, on the contrary, he had merely stated that the man’s face resembled that of Anwar. However, after observing the paunch on the man in the video, he had decided that the man could not be Anwar.

Wan Nordin’s denial was made after pro-Umno bloggers alleged that he had identified Anwar as man in the video.

After returning from the arranged screening of the video he had gone to see Saifuddin Nasution, the MP for Machang, at 2pm at Parliament house and told Saifuddin about the video.

“I also received a phone call from Anwar himself asking about the video. I told Anwar my impression was that the man had a facial resemblance but the paunch was a giveaway that the video was a put-up job,” Wan Nordin said, according to Detik.

‘I was scared during the video screening.
They only said it was a press conference.’

Wan Nordin said he knew nothing beforehand about a video being screen. A reporter from a daily newspaper had only invited him to a “special press conference” and would not give any details despite being asked several times.

Even after arriving at the venue, Carcosa Sri Negara, and taken to a room there, he had no idea what was to take place. His personal belongings including his phone, pen, recorder and notebook were taken for safekeeping by an unidentified person before he was allowed into the press conference.

Only after being seated was he told there would be a video screening. Nervous and worried for his own safety, he said he did not dare take any action but merely did as told by the host.

  1. Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 09:46:44 am 09:46

    A so-called criminal lawyer Dr Naran Singh who is also Perak’s PPP Dep. Chairman was quoted in the Star today as saying, the 3 Datuk’s T should be given protection under the witness protection Act.

    Naran must be a stupid criminal lawyer to have made such a call. Protection would normally and would only be given if the 3 Datuk T, when they got possession of the offensive sex video immediately reported to the police and surrendered the tape. Then no offence has been committed by them.

    Protection would not be accorded by the Police, if on possession of the sex video tape, they make arrangement to exhibit it to editors and reporters of MSM papers. They have then committed an offence or various offences under our laws. The only protection that they can hoped for are from the editors and reporters, if these people are willing to help or from parties who conspired to produce the tape. They won’t get any protection under our law.

    Any first year law student can understand this. This he a criminal lawyer? And where does he study law? He doesn’t understand the mechanics and application of our law.

  2. C-S-L permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 10:43:03 am 10:43

    How dumb that lawyer is. He should asked the authorities to arrest the three!!! Hehe, witness protection? Have them undergo surgery , have one, face like a monyet, one like a baboon, and one like orang hutan?
    Looks as if that man will beg to contest seat come this election?


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