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Midnight police raid on Azmin Ali’s house

Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 01:38:17 am

At 2am, Amirudin Shari, the Selangor assemblyman for Batu Caves, received notification from the police that he was to report to the police station in the morning to have his statement recorded. [» Reactions below]

Three carloads of police and Special Branch surrounded the home of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali near midnight on Monday, causing concern among PKR members and friends. One estimate was that 20-30 police were involved altogether.

The police were at Azmin’s house to deliver a notice that his presence was required at Melawati police station at 8am on Monday to make a statement about Friday night’s ceramah in Taman Melawati, Gombak, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Azmin was not at home (it is believed he was at a meeting in Ampang), and the police left after leaving the notice.

PKR Federal Territory division said Azmin was to be questioned about the ceramah on the grounds that it lacked a police permit. The division, quoting sources, said Azmin was expected to be arrested.

Video: Govt’s failure in Saiful DNA case, by Azmin Ali

The heavy-handed police action comes a week after a midnight raid on a popular young blogger for an alleged sedition offence and the confiscation of his family’s computers. He was released after intervention by the MP for Batu, Tian Chua of PKR, who questioned why the police had detained Mohd Nur Hanief without a warrant.

» Blogger Hanief ‘arrested’at midnight under Sedition Act
» Barisan bloggers framed Hanief
» Hauled in because someone ‘sakit hati’

Friday night’s ceramah, attended by an estimated 1,500 people, featured party leader and parliamentary opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim launching the party’s DNA (Datuk Najib Altantuya) campaign, in which he attacked the Najib Tun Razak government over the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Altantuya, a translator for a Najib ally negotiating a multi-billion deal for two French-made submarines for the Malaysian navy, was shot and her body blown up in jungle near Subang. Najib and his family have been implicated in the woman’s death, but have strongly denied any involvement.

Anwar also denounced the release of a video last week showing a man said to resemble him having sex with an unidentified woman, who was said to be a Chinese prostitute.

Fifteen minutes into Anwar’s speech, police stormed into the compound to stop him from continuing. An uproar resulted among the PKR supporters present, and three people were later arrested, allegedly for abusing the police.

Video: Anwar in full cry at DNA ceramah
» Chants of ‘Reformasi’ as police storm Anwar ceramah

News of the police raid on Azmin Ali’s house was broken by PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Ahmad on Twitter at about 11.30pm. He said:

His announcement quickly spread among Twitter users. MalaysiaKini’s reporter Aidila Razak rushed to the politician’s home, but there was no action there. Azmin Ali was not home and the police left after leaving the notice.

Among those who responded to the Tweets was a Barisan Nasional politician expressing scepticism:

Other responses were more forthright:

Reaction to Amir Shari’s 2am wakeup call

  1. Killer of Monkeys permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 02:23:29 am 02:23

    The policemen must be very small…10 of them in each car.

  2. ricky permalink
    Mon 2011-Mar-28 @ +08 20:17:47 pm 20:17

    hah….agree with Tan keng liang that PKR leaders tend to exaggerate when see police car at their house. News today say it was just handing over notice…..hahaha

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