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Azmin demands names, serial numbers of police raiders

Tue 2011-Mar-29 @ +08 15:50:49 pm

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has demanded an apology from the police and the government for their high-handed disruption of Friday’s ceramah. Lawyer N Surendran, for Azmin, sent a letter of demand to the home minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein on Monday, saying that the police had acted mala fide (with bad intention) and had violated the law.

“About 50 policemen including Federal Reserve Unit raided the event,” said Surendran who is also PKR vice-president. “Police used extreme force resulting in Azmin (being) pushed and (subsequently falling). There were several (arrests) by the police.”

Surendran accused the police of committing four offences: trespassing, criminal intimidation, assault and disruption.

The party wants the names and serial numbers of the police in the raid; names of the officers leading the team and the person who gave the order; an open apology; and an undertaking they will not repeat such actions. MalaysiaKini
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