New global network for top editors

A breakaway group of editorial big bosses in the World Editorial Forum have formed a new association to link editors-in-chief and senior news executives in print, digital or broadcasting media houses to gather, share information and create new services.

The new group, Global Editors Network, will also set up associations or guilds of editors in countries which do not have them, e.g. in Africa or Asia.

One of its first activities is the publication of an annual Newsroom Report with case studies or “best practices” in all three media publishing fields. Some sample topics:

  • The new newsroom ecosystem
  • Can your smartphone become your newsroom
  • Mutualized developments for news
  • How to make money with mobile news
  • Social media and social distance
  • What to learn from Chinese media

Based in Paris, the Global Editors Network (GEN) is headed by Xavier Vidal-Folch, deputy director of El Pa&iactue;s, and a sprinkling of editors from developed and emerging countries. Among the board members are Dan Gillmour, technology columnist of the San Jose Mercury and a pioneer journalist blogger, and Jeff Jarvis, blogger and media professor.

Vidal-Folch was a president of the World Editors’ Forum, the original giant talk shop under the wings of the World Association of Newspapers and IFRA, the press research organisation; WAN and IFRA have since merged.

“Quality journalism is at risk and we consider that the only solution to define a sustainable news model is to gather editors with a different knowledge and to start a dialog with engineers, developers and start-up managers. It is because we will break down traditional barriers that we will be innovative and relevant for our community”, said Vidal-Folch.

Apart from organizing international and national conferences or events focused on editorial strategies, the new association is based on the concepts of mutualisation and cooperation between different media. GEN will also foster the creation of national associations or guilds of editors-in-chief in countries that do not have these, for instance in the Arab world or in Asia.
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