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Mahathir’s blog listed as malicious attack site

Tue 2011-Mar-29 @ +08 22:43:45 pm

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s blog at has been listed by Google Safe Browsing as a danger site (a warning may pop up in Firefox or Google Chrome, depending on your browser preferences).

Google Safe Browsing says that malicious software was found on seven pages at the Mahathir blog: three scripting exploits and three trojan viruses at <> and 10 scripting exploits and eight trojans at <> It also said MalaysiaKini had also been infected through CheDet.

Go somewhere else or come back another day, Google says.

  1. Wed 2011-Mar-30 @ +08 01:49:11 am 01:49

    Stands to reason: a malicious attack site owned by a malicious attack parasite!

  2. Maz permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-30 @ +08 05:13:55 am 05:13

    A virus hosting a virus..who would have guessed ?

  3. Rosita permalink
    Wed 2011-Mar-30 @ +08 17:12:00 pm 17:12

    I never visit this ‘virus hosting a virus’ anyway.

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