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End of free news? NYT puts up pay wall

Tue 2011-Mar-29 @ +08 20:01:52 pm

The New York Times went behind a pay wall this week, limiting visitors to 20 articles a month free at NYT Online, the second time it has restricted access to the site. An earlier attempt several years ago fizzled out; this time, with smartphones and tablets proliferating and broadband almost a standard means to get online, the NYT is in company with The Times and other newspapers in Britain and the US in seeking ways get some money back for the money it has spent producing the news.

An introductory subscription is 99c for four weeks, after which it is $15 for four weeks of web and smartphone access; $20 for web and tablet (iPad, etc); and $35 for all digital access.

Revolutionary business method discovered: money in exchange for services

NEW YORK—In a move that media executives, economic forecasters, and business analysts alike are calling “extremely bold,” put into place a groundbreaking new business model today in which the news website will charge people money to consume the goods and services it provides. “The whole idea of an American business trying to make a profit off of a product its hired professionals create on a daily basis is a truly brave and intrepid strategy,” said media analyst Steve Messner, adding that’s extremely risky new approach to commerce—wherein legal tender must be exchanged in order to receive a desired service—could drastically reduce the publication’s readership.

“To ask’s 33 million unique monthly visitors to switch to a cash-for-manufactured-goods-based model from the standard everything-online-should-be-free-for-reasons-nobody-can-really-explain-based model is pretty fearless. It’s almost as if The New York Times is equating itself with a business trying to function in a capitalistic society.” In a statement released last Thursday, the newspaper’s publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. said, “If this fails, I’d honestly ratherThe New York Times not exist in a world where people are unwilling to pay the price of a f****** movie ticket for a monthly online subscription.”
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