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‘Sex video journo’ confesses! Exposes all!

Tue 2011-Mar-29 @ +08 15:04:37 pm

The new journalism: taking it as it comes

Some people have been giving Malaysian journalists a hard time, especially since the Datuk T came all over town with his sex video. A few journalists have been given a poke or two (and not just on Facebook) about trifling matters like their conscience or lack thereof, their morality or lack thereof and their principles which have been codified for the pleasure of union leaders and media professors and remain unread by the average joe journo.

With so much pressure building up, Chan Kheng Hoe decided to let on a dirty little secret: journalist actually lurrrve their job. They get to see so much. Then they get to open wide and blab all about it.

Extracts from
I Love Being A Journalist!
By Chan Kheng Hoe

From free food to free porn, what’s not to like about being a journalist?

I love being a journalist. It is a job with many benefits. I get to eat well when doing food reviews. I get front row seats in concerts. And recently, I even get the chance to view voyeuristic pornography as part of my assignment as well.

Wow! I love being a journalist. It puts me on a totally different plane. Mere mortals can’t view the tape. Even MPs need a special invite. But as for me, I get to see it first. How wonderful. How I love it. Just imagine, the sights, the sounds, the movements, the thrill. …

Some people think that journalists ought to ask hard questions. What utter nonsense. I have seen the tape with my own eyes. I heard Datuk T with my own ears. Everything is crystal clear. What is there for me to ask? …

I deliver an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage. I did go to Carcosa Seri Negara, and that is exactly what I reported. I did see the tape, and that is again exactly what I reported. …

The world is such a better place because of journalists like me.
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Proof that in the new journalism, we take it as it comes. No joke. What’s not to love?

What two journalists said…

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» In sex video case, journalists truthfully left the truth behind
» Sex video offences: blackmail, pornography, criminal intimidation, criminal defamation

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  1. Wed 2011-Mar-30 @ +08 12:33:29 pm 12:33

    Chan sounds almost like he is a cub-reporter than a seasoned jornalist. well, i guess this means that having our local official media act as a watchdog is just a pipedream .

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