Slick but unsavoury stuff from Sultan of Spin

Remember this? RM5,000 a month to blog for Taib

Posted here on 19 December
RM30,000 for setup and hosting costs, RM5,000 a month to blog, training allegedly by RockyBru and other media people…

Sultan of Spin goes to cyber war

Hornbill Unleashed’s regular commentator Pak Bui, whose wry, polished style is a pleasure to read, has taken the trouble to take apart the cheap and nasty copycat site Sarawak (the one with an extra ‘s’ to trap the unwary). He’s saved me the effort. Like the svelte eye-catching sweet young thing on a street corner on a Saturday night who entices with the allure of a hot time on the tiles — until she opens her mouth and speaks. The copycat Sarawak Reports is similarly slick, sweet, and unsavoury.

Here’s an extract of what Pak Bui wrote:

At the risk of adding to the miniscule number of hits on, the copycat website run by Taib’s groupies, I recommend a short visit to the site. It will make you laugh, at a time when nasty, low-class scams like the blue films of an Anwar impersonator are in circulation.

Taib’s own low-class scam, ‘Sarawak Reports’, must be another of those ‘secret weapons’ that George Chan alluded to. It is a tawdry ‘ciplak’ or fake of the original whistleblower website Sarawak Report. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but there does not appear to be anything sincere about Taib’s cyberspin.

Taib’s Clone Wars

The clone website is prettily designed. As Taib’s mansions can testify, low class and poor taste does not come cheap. Taib’s website must have cost the Sarawak taxpayers a hefty sum of money. The content, however, is the usual boring Borneo Post propaganda.

Sarawak Report, run by Clare Rewcastle Brown, is packed with facts and even a few jokes. Sarawak Reports, on the other hand, is simply one long running joke. They boast extra-large-font sensational headlines, such as “Sarawak CM on balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability” that can make you nod off before you finish reading it.
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