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Dato Sak’s three-camera theory on that video

Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 18:16:41 pm

Dato Sakmongkol was asked by a journalist, apparently from the Star, for comments about that much-talked-about video. If you remember, it is supposedly of a politician, supposedly having sex, supposedly with a Chinese woman, supposedly a prostitute, supposedly in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and supposedly on Feb 21.

In a testy response to the reporter, Dato Sak set out a theory that three cameras were involved and that possibly the clip was spliced together from videos shot on three different occasions. The relevant extract from his blog posting is below, after the turn.

The irreverent Bolehland movie poster at right is from Chris Chew’s album, available at fine Facebook pages everywhere. It has nothing to do with Dato Sak’s posting. Nasty minds would like to know.

Look at the video. What’s the white bar at the bottom doing there? Is this a production in Thailand? If so, then the film was done with respectable technical panache, but the post production bit is Jinjang quality.

It seems to me, there are at least 3 video recorders. One to record the movements of the director, who looked like Eskay, has Eskay’s physique but it may not be him. Bur Eskay said he was in the video. So it must be him.

Two, a video recorder of “Anwar” undressing. This may be taken on any other occasion where “Anwar” was less modest such as in the company of male friends.

Three, another recorder taking pictures of a lady — Chinese? Thai, perhaps?

It could be a recoding done in December. Another done in January. Another done in February. The director comes to fuse them together to make it seem a seamless recording. Why would a director be around? To signal the cues. Such as to direct [eye contact by “Anwar”]; to direct where the woman’s eye contact should be. To place every scene on cue.

But then Eskay is no film director. He is just a masseuse. That would explain the Jinjang quality.

It seems to me to be 3 or more recordings cascaded or piled onto one another. Hence Eskay the director appeared larger than average. Maybe he’s in the latest video. “Anwar” is in the second recording.

Eye contact between “Anwar” and the lady tramp never matched. “Anwar” wasn’t looking at a lady positioned as the lady in the video was.

The man resembling Anwar appeared to be walking past and through the lady as though she wasn’t there. The man resembling Anwar appears bigger, suggesting that a different camera is used to show “Anwar” in the foreground. Anything nearer to the camera appears bigger.

The lady is always in the background. She appears smaller. You can impose clips from one camera on top of each other so that the one on top will appear bigger as it is in the foreground nearest to the camera. The male figure appears disproportionately larger than the female figure when the two embraced.

So you asked how I would defend Anwar. I have given you a hypothetical scenario.
Extract from
» Anwar and the Softporn Clip

The conversation with the Star reporter could not have gone well, bringing forth from Dato Sak another blast at know-it-all journos. He’s been cheesed off with know-it-all journalists too full of themselves for some time now. (Who wouldn’t?)

Dato Sak, by the way, is Dato Mohd Arif Sabri Abdul Aziz, a former Pahang assemblyman, and an unusual Umno loyalist willing to challenge orthodoxy. He blogs prolifically at Sakmongkol AK47; for the past week, unfortunately, the blog causes Google Safe Browsing to pop up a safety warning, because Sakmongkol links back to — the blog of Mahathir Mohamad, which has been infected with malicious software on its servers.

The extract from Sakmongkol’s posting has been lightly edited for clarity.

  1. Put permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 19:06:02 pm 19:06

    He may be correct to a certain extent. If you look at the snippet which was shown in youtube and umno blogs, there was obviously no eye contact between the woman and that Anwar look alike. They seem to be oblivious of each others presence. So Sak’s theory that they were taken at different time is sound.

    But the Anwar look alike siamese actor is no Anwar for sure. Anwar always spot a moustache and a goatee while the siamese actor is clean shaven. A day after the alleged video recording which is on 21.2.2011, Anwar attended court hearing and his moustache and goatee were still intact on his upper lip and chin.

  2. Oldman permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 15:27:48 pm 15:27

    Get hold of the Three Stooges donkey and pun them on charges………

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