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RPK’s 3M exposé: A sex movie involving two PMs, a son, and a takeover

Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 01:20:50 am

Raja Petra Kamarudin
4 April 2011

A hot political drama is being planned for a film, featuring a sex video of an opposition leader, and involving three people whose names start with “M”, a former prime minister, a serving prime minister and his deputy, and a son of the former prime minister.

The plot involves toppling the prime minister and the son of a former prime minister moving into the No 2 slot.

It is not known if this will be fiction or a documentary.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, founding editor of Malaysia Today, now in exile in Britain, provides an exclusive look at the process by which such a film could earn government funding.

Last month, the government refused to provide a RM2.3mil grant for controversial rapper and video artiste Namewee’s proposed film Nasi Lemak 2.0 based on the 1Malaysia theme. The script for the film had already been approved by the film development (no pun intended) corporation, Finas. But the information ministry said no, because they said Namewee was involved in “activities against Malaysian norms and values”.

However, no such accusation of being “against Malaysian norms and values” has been made about the showing of a video, supposedly from a hotel’s closed-circuit television, supposedly showing a leading Malaysian politician supposedly having sex with a woman supposedly a Chinese and supposedly a prostitute.

On Monday, Raja Petra published an exposé of the process by which government grants would be provided for films with political content. Here, in question-and-answer format, is a hypothetical conversation between film-maker and film-approver, who decides whether to provide government funding.

It’s an interesting plot showing how the release of a sex video will help to topple the serving prime minister, thereby allowing the son of the former prime minister to become the new deputy prime minister after the serving deputy prime minister takes over as No 1.

The text of the hypothetical conversation, as released by Raja Petra in his column No Holds Barred.

Okay, before we can consider your application for the government grant, we need you to tell us a bit more about the movie you are going to make.
What do you need to know?
You can start with the synopsis.
Okay, the story is about the twists and turns and conspiracies within the corridors of power.
That sounds interesting.
The prime minister of this country…
Which country?
It is a fictitious country. It doesn’t really exist.
Okay. What are you going to call this country?
I have not decided yet. But maybe we can call it Canland…like Finland, Iceland, and so on.
Okay, go on.
Canland has this prime minister who had been pushed out almost ten years ago and now he wants his son to take over as the new prime minister. But he has to first make him the deputy prime minister.
Great plot.
So he has to push out the existing prime minister and make the deputy prime minister the new prime minister. Then the deputy prime minister who becomes the new prime minister makes the old prime minister’s son the new deputy prime minister.
Have you thought of their names yet?
Not yet but all their names are going to start with M. The old prime minister, his son, and the deputy prime minister will all have names starting with M.
Clever. Okay, go on.
The old prime minister gets his crony who he saved from a sex with an underage scandal many years ago to release a controversial sex video involving the opposition leader. They also get a good friend of the opposition leader who is trying to get his hands on RM20 million to assist them.
This is getting very spicy indeed.
The video is very badly done and no one believes it because it was handled in a very amateurish manner. It was so badly handled it appears like it is the work of schoolboys. Actually, they purposely wanted the video to look bad so that no one believes it. But then they link the whole thing back to the prime minister so that he receives the brunt of the people’s anger. That triggers his downfall.
I like your mind. Then what happens?
Well, a month later it is proven that the video is not a fake but they don’t quite prove that it is a video of the opposition leader. The prime minister who is blamed for the video gets kicked out. The deputy prime minister takes over and the son of the old prime minister becomes the new deputy prime minister.
And they all live happily ever after I suppose. Is that how it ends?
Not quite. I will end the movie by keeping the audience in suspense. We don’t really answer the question of whether it is the video of the opposition leader or not although we do indicate that it is not a fake.
So that I can do a sequel of the movie, of course! Then, in the second movie, we will tell the people whether it is a video of the opposition leader or not. The sequel will be about Canland going bankrupt and the country erupting into a religious war with the government vandalising Bibles and launching ethnic cleansing of all non-natives and so on.
Okay, that sounds good. Can you submit your official application with a copy of the synopsis you just told us? But increase your budget by 50% though.
50%? Why?
Well, that 50% goes to me. It is my commission for helping you get the grant.
I see. Okay. I will submit it within a week.

Reproduced from Malaysia Today
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  1. nicolee permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 11:16:49 am 11:16

    Should there be a law that says if a police chief fails to do his duty then he be held and charged for not carrying out his duty?

  2. Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 13:08:02 pm 13:08

    The Home Minister these days is doing the job of the IGP, why do we need the IGP ?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 19:22:48 pm 19:22

      to do the dirty work and to take the blame.

  3. Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 17:50:40 pm 17:50

    No one should have any worry about the grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir’s son becoming the P.M. someday. He would not live long enough to see to that, unfortunately, besides the people of Malaysia may have made the misfortune to have believed in him once. But they now know him and his descendants well enough not to fall for them once again.

  4. kassim permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 17:26:39 pm 17:26

    be fair to finas ok.

    what is namawee’s experience in film making?
    or short stories for local or international tv?

    if finas were to reject datuk michele yeoh,then we can raise the alarm bells

    but many other local ‘producer want to be’ who are malay have also been rejected

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 23:26:54 pm 23:26

      hey, rpk didn’t whack finas, or mention namewee la. anyway finas already approved the namewee script. rais rejected the grant. the issue is not the film, it is the ministry’s attitude towards people’s behaviour. they rejected namewee because of his behaviour, not because of his film. (BTW, you already posted this same comment earlier at the namewee article.)

  5. yeoh san nee permalink
    Mon 2011-Apr-11 @ +08 05:53:10 am 05:53

    What I commented earlier in Malaysiakini on 3 M did make sense after all. Why can’t the rakyat just C4 the pariah ex-PM. What is so great of him?

  6. Mon 2011-Apr-18 @ +08 19:48:50 pm 19:48

    This grotesque masquerade that passes for politics has gone on way too long, people. But I notice that old habits die hard. People continue to turn on their TVs knowing full well that nothing but toxic spin oozes out of the idiot box. I still see people buying The Star. And a whole bunch of brainless nincompoops continue to parrot “1Malaysia” as if it were a genuine political ideology or party manifesto. Fast-forward, fast-forward… or just STOP this goddamned D-Grade movie… let’s have some peace and quiet, listen to the birds sing and the leaves rustle in the breeze.

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