Sex video: Front pages of shame

Utusan and Kosmo head the baying pack

Front pages at the news stand

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Stills from a leaked video filled the front pages of popular newspapers on Tuesday, with TV3 also featuring the clip on primetime news, the 8pm Buletin Utama. The clip is supposedly from the video shown to selected editors and reporters at last week’s “Datuk T” special screening at Carcosa Seri Negara last week.

Utusan Malaysia and its sister tabloid Kosmo lead the pack with screaming coverage. Chinese newspapers also went to town with the story on their front pages. But the other leading newspapers, surprisingly, were more restrained.

Sin Chew and other leading newspapers carried the video clip story inside

Even the Star made a turnaround from the unrestrained glee of its front page the day after the screening. It was the only major newspaper to devote its front page that day to the supposed exposé by the infamous “Datuk T”, the trio of Rahim Thamby Chik, Shazly Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim.

The Star’s two-faced approach to the sex video story was reflected in its report on Wednesday of how the media had played up the stills. But the Star’s report, still gleeful but with a slightly holier-than-thou tone, did not, of course, state how the Star went to town with story of the Datuk T screening, nor about how its reporter had phoned around media houses egging them on to attend the screening on the teasing promise that “it will be HUGE!”.

The NST’s front page headline on Tuesday, “Public outrage”, seemed appropriate for the occasion, although it was on another grisly story, that of a seven-year-old schoolboy beaten to death in a religious school, allegedly by a teacher.

Front pages at the news stand

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The Star gleefully holier-than-thou

The media frenzy over the stills from the supposedly leaked sex video got gleeful coverage in The Star, continuing with the gung-ho approach it has taken from the day of the secret screening at Carcosa Seri Negara. Criticism of its approach resulted in the paper, unusually, not devoting its front page to the clips as it did for the screening, the only paper to do so on the day.

The Star
Wednesday April 6, 2011
Media goes to town with sex video stills

PETALING JAYA: Stills of the video clip allegedly implicating Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were splashed across the front pages of many local newspapers.

TV3 also aired parts of the video clip in its 8pm prime time news reports on Monday and yesterday.

Bahasa Malaysia daily Kosmo! put snapshots of the sex video on three pages, with a frontpage headline that screamed “Face in the sex video uncovered”. The newspaper also ran a report of Karpal Singh demanding for the screening of the full video clip in Parliament.

The report on Page Two also published a previous picture of Anwar standing beside his wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Karpal. On Page Three, there was a video still of a man in the same position. The video still also has an unknown woman clad in a towel seated on a bed.

Utusan Malaysia published three big snapshots, one showing a man wearing just a towel standing and then walking towards a vanity table while a woman, also wrapped in a towel, sat nearby. A third picture showed the man hugging the woman. The faces of the two people were digitally blurred by the newspaper.

China Press splashed the three images from the video on its cover with a headline asking: “Is it him?”

On the front page of Nanyang Siang Pau, the video still was of a man standing, as if looking in the mirror, while the woman appeared to be looking for something on the bedside table.

The teaser video clip was uploaded on YouTube by someone going by the name “thepowercam” on Sunday. It went viral and spread to blogs and other social networking sites on Monday. The teaser clip did not have any sex scenes and was without sound bites.

YouTube removed the clip on Monday due to violation of its policy on nudity or sexual content. According to the YouTube clip, “thepowercam” registered on YouTube on April 3 and put Thailand as the uploader’s country. The video had a Thai statement that read “Phaholyothin Road Bangkok, Thailand 10400, Copyright 2011”.

Before YouTube removed the video, users had posted comments on it. There were differing opinions on the identity of the man while one claimed that the man was wearing a mask the whole time. A few of them cheekily asked if there was more to come.

Front pages of shame

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4 thoughts on “Sex video: Front pages of shame

  1. Those MalayUmno purposely make this appeared in public just to make sure embarrassed DSAI and his family. Whether the actor is DSAI or someone else does not matter, as long peoples will assume it is DSAI as claimed by that stupid Datuk Three Stooges. I hope you knows who the actors of Three Stooges. The actors look so stupid as those DAtuk T or datuk TONGGANG like donkey.

  2. Even pro-UMNO ulamas and muftis are starting to speak out against this vile sex video episode. I mean when the Mufti of Perak is condemning Utusan/TV3 for going against Islam by showing the sex video screengrabs, condemning the Datuk Tiga’s for qazaf (hukuman 80 sebat as he said it) as well as stating that the video is not clear and cannot be proved that it is Anwar – you know that is something big, right because the Mufti has been working against Pakatan since the day Nizar took office and is very much seen as a pro-UMNO figure.

    Guess UMNO really lost the plot this time especially that hypocrite holier than thou paper of Awang Selamat – Utusan Malaysia. Hey, even your ulama columnists condemn your actions lah. Bodoh punya Awang!

  3. Dear Sir,
    Sinking to this level of gutter politics is utter shameful. I did not view it for it would be dignifying it! The three datuks should be very ashamed of themselves. I wonder how they would ever live it down. Azizah should not have to answer to such jerks. God bless this good lady.

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