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Tricia Yeoh to leave Selangor MB’s office

Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 15:04:42 pm

Tricia Yeoh, who put together Road to Reform, is leaving the Selangor Menteri Besar’s office, where she has been research assistant to Khalid Ibrahim for the past two years. She will be joining her mother’s market research consultancy Dynamic Search next month as director of business development and research.

Her departure was anticipated late last year at the launch of Road to Reform a non-partisan collection of essays by academics and leading lights of civil society, published to mark the second anniversary of Pakatan Rakyat administration of the Selangor government. (A new edition in Bahasa Malaysia will be launched this year.)

At last year’s launch, Khalid Ibrahim, in complimenting Tricia for Road to Reform, remarked that he did not know how much longer he would have her services. “It depends on her mother,” he said.

Taking on the world: Tricia Yeoh in her early days at the MB’s office. [File photo: she’s since cropped her tresses.]

While market research sounds rather remote from the public policy matters that have filled her life since joining the MB’s office, and from the Centre for Public Policy Studies where she was the director, Tricia views the move from a positive approach (though she did come across as being a bit defensive) in saying:

“It doesn’t mean I will not be able to help the cause of building a better Malaysia in other ways. I’ve always said that it’s not only within the realm of politics that you can make things better. We are a research arm. There may be gaps to do research and areas that can help in policy making as well.” (From a profile of Tricia at Good Times, a Christian-based news web site.)

Besides Road to Reform, Tricia can look back with satisfaction on:

  • Helping to establish the principle of Orang Asli native customary land rights in the Sagong Tasi case, in which 26 Temuan families lost their traditional land when it was acquired by the previous Selangor government for a highway to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

    After the change of government in 2008, Selangor withdrew a challenge to a court ruling awarding the Orang Asli compensation for unlawful eviction. “When we made the decision to withdraw that was a mini-victory for me. I was really, really happy because I felt that I was part of the process in getting that decision across,” she said.

  • Bringing Thai pathology expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand to testify in the Teoh Beng Hock case. “To have her come in the end and give her evidence and opinion was, in a sense, vindication to a lot of people and his family. At least that was something that could be done to give people hope and an alternative to what the official report was saying.”

Young, attractive and accomplished, Tricia at 28 has already made her mark. With her commitment to public policy reform, and to the community at large, she would be a major catch for any political party should she step off her non-partisan perch.

The hectic life at the top of government affairs has left her little time for her other interests (one of which seems to be an unfortunate devotion to Liverpool football club; at a farewell dinner earlier this week, her colleagues at the MB’s office presented her with a Liverpool scarf). She may now find the time for song-writing and astronomy, but then Tricia Yeoh is already a star in her own right.

Her impromptu farewell song at the dinner: Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis. “I will still be around, and not missing in action. I hope to continue writing and speaking on public issues which affect all of us Malaysians,” she said in a message to colleagues and friends.

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  1. Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 16:53:18 pm 16:53

    Good luck in your future endeavours.

  2. nstman permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 16:57:25 pm 16:57

    Tricia, who comes first? Mother or country. Pse choose wisely. This country needs you in this hour of need. Dont run to your mama for comfort. We need you in the battle against Umno racists and liars.

  3. Ahmad Syafiq permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-6 @ +08 20:49:41 pm 20:49

    Chill la NST man, not like she’ll be solely focused on her next job without caring for a better Malaysia. ;P

  4. tan, tanjung bungah permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 01:02:00 am 01:02

    Hi nstman,

    It is certain she would not abandon the country – so let her help her mom and she can do community service at the same time, continuing to expose wrong-doings, corruption and arrogance of the rent-seekers and their political masters!!

    So, all the best to you Tricia.

  5. Fri 2011-Apr-8 @ +08 00:12:49 am 00:12

    BEYOND MUM & COUNTRY – 080411

    ‘Don’t look back in anger’
    Whatever in life may be your angle
    So you better choose to be an angel
    And you need not fight your case in a jail

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Fri. 8th Apr. 2011.

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