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Carpet Man hints RPK being paid off to write [video]

Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 05:22:08 am

Deepak Jaikishan, the Carpet Man and allegedly bagman to Rosmah Majid, has poured scorn on Raja Petra Kamarudin’s assertion that he was trying to get private investigator P Balasubramian to absolve Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah of any involvement in the murder of a Mongolian woman involved in negotiations for Malaysia’s purchase of two submarines.

“They are trying to pit me against the prime minister and his family,” he said at a press conference on Thursday. “They are also trying to pit me against Anwar Ibrahim and his people. Here I am stuck in between with no other alternative but to come out.”

Deepak also took a swipe at Raja Petra, hinting that RPK had a financial interest in attacking him. “This (latest article) is all spices and loads of masala. RPK has not had something spicy to disclose for a long time, but to do it at the expense of others is not fair. Someone might have induced him… Most bloggers are very entrepreneurial. For the right price they will write anything.”

He said Raja Petra was irresponsible in writing libellous articles unsupported by facts, and challenged RPK to own up to his “lies” and come back to face the music if he truly believed what he had written was all true. (Raja Petra lives in exile in Britain after secretly leaving the country for fear of persecution.)

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  1. superchokra permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 09:17:19 am 09:17

    Hello, Deepak Jaikishan, You are just reading a prepared script like a parrot.
    How to trust you?

  2. dimsam permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 13:52:59 pm 13:52

    Deepak vs. bloggers!

  3. klchong permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 15:15:34 pm 15:15

    seeing you XXXXXXX face make me vomit. Please dont say anything or else i will be in SJMC.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 22:42:42 pm 22:42

      expletive deleted. let’s leave the filthy stuff to the new experts

  4. malaysianatheart permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 23:14:15 pm 23:14

    Can someone please ask RPK what he is really trying to get at by fingering this guy?? Was trying to post a query to RPK on his site – but I suppose he doesn’t allow it for obvious reasons. So got to ask RPK through other sites I guess …

    And yo RPK, okay so he got 600 mil from KFH – so what are you saying – the loan wasn’t kosher?? You realize that this guy was (and is still) a close friend of Salman Younis …? Former MD of KFH Malaysia. Then suddenly in June 2010 Salman was shipped back to Kuwait for no apparent reason and now he doesn’t even exist on the KFH payroll/management list etc. I know – I checked. Give KFH in Kuwait a call and ask for Salman – no one seems to have heard of him!!

    Ok, so lets say, fat Charlie here was the beneficiary of a shady loan – from a close friend who happened to be the MD of KFH at the time etc … so how does all this connect with Rosmah and Najib?? Many of us know that Rosmah and Najib were both known to Salmanand vice versa – but hell – what?? Did Rosmah and Najib benefit from any of this?? So are you saying that fat Charlie here was the bagman for the 600 mil loan that was actually meant for Rosmah or what??

    Come on spit it out man!

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Apr-7 @ +08 23:33:03 pm 23:33

      copied to malaysia today.

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