Video: M-cycle snatch thieves live on camera at PJ highway junction

A motorist with an on-board CCTV system captured on camera a snatch theft as it happened on March 27 at a Section 16 junction in Petaling Jaya (possibly in the vicinity of Phileo Damansara, where the Star offices are located). He posted the video on YouTube on Sunday, and three days later got a response from the possible victim, seeking more details.

Links to the video by YouTube user “bigggmouth” began circulating through Twitter and on Facebook and had drawn almost 40,000 views. On Wednesday one viewer, Chen Qian, said she might be the victim.

i believe the car was mine. i got robbed at that same place on 27th march 2011, around 10.45AM. i need you to help me verify. if you have more footage, could you please share it with me?

To which “bigggmouth” replied:

I believe it is you. I tried to signal you to the side but you were too traumatized to notice me. Running traffic from back left me no choice but to move on. I turned back but you no longer there. Anyway, yes, i have a full footage and a clearer version from youtube.

The video was taken by the in-car video surveillance camera that “bigggmouth” had installed in his car.

I have 5 cameras in my car. Can record 2weeks. Also if my car alarm triggered , will auto start record also even if the car is not started … I also have the full HD version and i am ready to help the police in the investigation. By posting this, I am also hoping that the victimized lady can contact me so i can help by providing a higher definition and full version of this video.

Of the snatch theft, he advised women drivers to armour their car windows. “The culprits … tail the driver and smash the car window to snatch items placed inside the car. The attacks are usually launched when the car is stationary by the road side or at traffic light junctions.”

The video had attracted comments from 158 viewers by Thursday, many complimenting “bigggmouth” and a few sharing similar experiences. One viewer on Thursday said:

My wife was a victim at seksyen 16/17 in front of Phileo on 29th March at about 5.30pm. They pulled up and smashed the window, reached in and stole a bag. Luckily her handbag was on the floor by her feet so all they got was 2 pieces of pizza! But people need to be careful even though crime in KL is down 35%!!!

Whether there will be a “happy” ending to this story will only be known after this weekend, as “bigggmouth” said he was out of the country.

» Stay tuned to “bigggmouth” for more developments


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  1. this video is fake! crime is down by 35% so in 3 years time, there will actually be -5% (minus five percent) crime, meaning the video will actually run in reverse. The thieves will actually return the handbag. I expect this to happen in 3 years time. Salam 1Malaysia!

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