Video: BBC film on Batang Kali massacre

In Cold Blood – the BBC’s Batang Kali film

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This is the 15-minute summary of the full BBC documentary on the Batang Kali massacre, produced in 1993. A report in the Guardian on Saturday reveals that the British government pressured Malaysia into stopping a police investigation then being conducted into the massacre of 24 rubber tappers at Batang Kali village in 1948 by soldiers of the Scots Guards.


2 thoughts on “Video: BBC film on Batang Kali massacre

  1. Batang Kali … it was previously just “a place somewhere in Selangor”. And then it became the place where I was staying, from May until December 2010. Quite a nice place, this area from Kuang until Kuala Kubu Baru, with scenic views of the hills and mountains of the Main Range.

  2. The villigers have shown their faces and spoken. Can we
    have the story from the soldiers involved. Just the same
    camera angle (close -up), the world can judge through
    their expression .
    Please do’nt carry your guilt to the graves, die in peace.

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