DAP strategist: Najib juggernaut upsets balance

Extracts from a press statement by DAP election director Liew Chin Tong

Over the past four days of campaigning, the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat were received with enthusiasm and unprecedented crowds. From Sibu to Sarikei [there was a] tremendous groundswell of support.

But now this state election campaign has entered an entirely different phase with Prime Minister Najib Razak taking over the reins from Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud. This now morphs into an election of national proportions – with the entire Federal Cabinet and government machinery at Barisan Nasional’s disposal.

Despite a discernable swing among urban voters to Pakatan Rakyat, there are just too few purely urban seats. Most seats in Sarawak are rural, more susceptible to money politics, threats, and intimidation. Seats which seem urban at first blush are in fact semi-rural. Four of six seats contested by DAP in the central zone are semi-rural.

…the entry of Najib’s juggernaut threatens to eat away whatever gains the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat have obtained. [It shows that Barisan Nasional was caught off-guard by the surge of support for Pakatan Rakyat’s battle for change.]

This is the last chance for the people of Sarawak to effect real change through the ballot box. The DAP and Pakatan Rakyat cannot fight the Najib machinery alone. We need the people of Sarawak to stand up and throw their weight behind this election. Let this be known as an election between the people and Barisan Nasional. Let it be known that in the end, the people will prevail. Ubah!


4 thoughts on “DAP strategist: Najib juggernaut upsets balance

  1. I have, since sometime ago, expressed my objections and dissatisfactions about lusty Anwar and mad dog LKS leading the opposition to overthrow the present regime.
    The people of Sarawak please do remember your support for the opposition is not supporting the two of them. You are only expressing of how dissatisfy you are with the present regime, you are not supporting these two hooligans. Malaysia have far better credible leaders than them so now is the time to throw and sack the present corrupted regime from their gravy trains. If anything they are promising you now is a liar and empty promises and if they are sincere in their promises they would have done them years ago when they have the chances. Why only now ?
    Don’t believe them anymore and stop them from robbing your wealth any further. Enough is enough !

  2. In the opposition, there is a delicate balance between democracy and order within a party as well as in a coalition. To have true democracy, anyone should be allowed to contest regardless of his chance or affiliation, yet members of a party or coalition should have some order. But does it mean blind loyalty? That must be one of the main reasons why some people cannot stay within a party for long because they are too individualistic.

    I believe and hope that if there is truly a wind of change blowing in Sarawak, and Malaysia, the force would be strong enough to withstand any federal juggernauts, who should be in a precarious position themselves. Despite three or more candidates contesting in a constituency, the sheer force would ensure an opposition victory, though not necessarily in favour of Pakatan. For example, if BN’s popularity dropped to only 20%, the remaining 80% could easily be shared by remaining 2 or even 3 candidates among whom one would emerge victorious. At the moment, there is unity in opposing one common enemy. Whether or not the opposition (including non-coalition parties or independents, if necessary, to make it up) can unite to form an alternative state government shall be evident if and when the situation arises. Though many people expect a strong and united opposition with shadow cabinet before a state or general election, we must realize that we are dealing with a new situation after 53 years (47 years in the case of Sarawak) of continuous rule by the same coalition. The opposition is going through ‘growing pains’ with surprises by turncoats tempted by position and wealth, with its leader mired in frivolous charges thrown in by his main opponents in power. The voters should realize and sympathize with the unfair playing field faced by the opposition instead of expecting perfectness in the opposition before giving them the mandate to rule.

    Offhand, I was surprised to have read that in 2006, the 8 seats garnered some 47% of the total votes! To me, this must be encouraging to the opposition because it showed strong opposition sentiments, only foiled by earlier gerrymandering.

  3. Good begets good, bad begets evil.
    If I am not mistaken, both YB Lim and DSAI have children which would make any parents proud.
    If they are what CharlesKiwi claim them to be, they would end up the likes of Taib’s and TDM’s and Tun Razaks’ and Tun Hussein Onn’s and a whole host of others that he now wants to dump!
    What gives?

  4. No Semenanjung leaders or parties to be supported as what ppb Debu-numpang said why he says not a word about najis and all leaders from malaya doing nothing in sarawak just campaign for bn? Tumbang ka UMNOBN undi BN – ngundi ka UMNO NAJIS/MUHYDUNK… Tendang orang kurap n pengampu.

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