Photos: Massive crowds at Pakatan rallies

The turnout at the PKR rally in Bintulu

Huge crowds attended the DAP rally in Sibu

Miri people came in droves, astounding DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang who called it historic Tian Chua photo

Opening day of the campaign: the rally in Kuching Photo: Hafiz Nor Shams


7 thoughts on “Photos: Massive crowds at Pakatan rallies

  1. The people of Sarawak must not only show up at the rallies in force but must turn your support for the opposition into votes.
    Make this election only the beginning of the downfall of the corrupted Umno and all the running dogs !

  2. All Sarawakian please take a lesson from more 3 decade what have the BN lead by Taib done to you. They swallowed everything to his pocket and families. So wisely vote to PR this times and see what changes will be make. Gives them the BN a good lessons.

  3. hopefully it wont be like some places….alot of turnout but in the end PR still lost….PR need to tell Rakyats what are their plans for the future…without that…it will be shit again for PR

  4. While he sleeps in a grand palace on a bed costing 45,000 ringgit and an Empire that stretched from London,Canada, America, Australia,Hong Kong ( all built on stolen billions fr Good people of Sarawak and destroying rainforest and timber in the process), the poor Native family have to walk miles to get water and sleep on wooden planks with ants biting the young children.
    Oh Sarawak our hearts bleed for you that you have been cheated and conned for over 30 years by this Father of all Corruption and Father of all Thieves ,who together with his close associate ex PM MahaTHIEF have
    ammassed a huge fortune for themselves,families & cronies.
    REFORMASI ! and VOTE Pakatan for the sake of our Childrens future.

  5. The peoples of Middle East, Phillipines, Indonesia etc have woken up to plundering by their own leaders. Are we in Malaysia so backward not to have woken up to this scrouge. Come on Sarawakians, lead the way in these elections. Your destiny is in your hands.

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