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Rotten tomatoes for TV3 election news

Mon 2011-Apr-11 @ +08 22:14:55 pm

At Monday nights’ BN rally, or was it a pop concert? Photo: Sarawak]

(clips published a couple of hours after airing)

(I didn’t get to watch Monday’s Bulletin Utama, so won’t comment.)

But by way of comparison, and as a general comment on Malaysian media, this will also do:

(Mackinnon tweet via Dzirhan Mahadzir)

  1. Citizen Now permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-13 @ +08 10:45:56 am 10:45

    Last sunday night buletin TV3 (12am)inadvertantly showed Anwar retorting a 8TV journalist, “Would you be brave to ask PM about the Altantuya case?”

  2. jojo permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-13 @ +08 12:54:28 pm 12:54

    One the most stupidest tv channel i’ve ever seen ! All that come from their mouth is full of lies and racist statements ! Just fit to throw shit at them !!

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