Sarawak Report up again, Anil goes down

Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak were both up last night after suffering a massive denial-of-service attack on its servers on Friday. However, Sarawak Report’s server produced different pages when accessed through proxy or directly. The proxy access served up the front page from Friday, while direct access (without using a proxy) resulted in Sunday’s front page featuring contrasting photos of the political rallies in Miri.

When accessed by proxy, Sarawak Report’s server produced the previous day’s front page

When accessed directly, Sunday’s front page is served

Anil Netto, who blogged about their problems on Saturday then blanked out himself when heavy traffic caused server problems. He said he’s been having heavy traffic all week (since the Sarawak election campaign began).

Anil’s Tweet late on Saturday night

The server response, indicating heavy traffic

Dayakbaru is still out. Dr John Brian Anthony’s site has a message to say the account has been suspended. Google’s latest cache of his site is from Friday.

Dr John Brian’s last entry in the Google cache was on Friday

Other Sarawak blogs were up and running as usual.